“The Voice of Ireland” Drops in Ratings

Seems like ‘The Voice of Ireland’ has suffered a similar fate to that of the UK X-Factor, the ratings have significantly dropped.

Additionally, The Voice of Ireland has failed to generate a successful winner.

The Voice of Ireland suffered a major dip in viewers for its new season’s debut episode on Sunday night — with just under half a million people tuning in to the talent show.

Some 487,000 people watched the episode — a shock drop of almost 85,000 compared to the first show last year.

According to RTE figures, an average of 571,000 people tuned into the first episode of the RTE One show — starring Bressie, Kian Egan, Una Foden and Rachel Stevens — last year.

However, at the time, there were 1.66 million people watching TV, while only 1.5 million were watching television during the same slot this past Sunday.

The talent show has changed its format slightly this year, allowing contestants to pick their own songs for the first three weeks of the show.

Judge Bressie said the new format is “a godsend”.

He told The Star: “I get an awful lot of stick with my song choices because Kian and the other guys don’t know any other song if it is not on the top 20 Billboard chart.

“I just tend to pick songs that are more left of centre for them.

“I think people picking their own songs will be a massive indication to me of the kind of people I want to work with.

“If they stay in their comfort zone, that’s really going to turn me off straight away.

“I want somebody who isn’t afraid to show their personality. I love people who have self-expression and aren’t afraid of what people think of them.”

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