• 01. Don’t Stop Movin’
  • 02. Show Me Your Colors
  • 03. You
  • 04. Have You Ever
  • 05. Good Times
  • 06. Boy Like You
  • 07. Sunshine
  • 08. Dance Dance Dance
  • 09. It’s Alright
  • 10. Stronger
  • 11. Right Guy
  • 12. Summertime Feeling
  • 13. I Will Find You
  • 14. Never Had A Dream Come True
  • 15. Don’t Stop Movin’ (Jewels & Stone Radio Mix)
B-Sides Bonus Tracks
  • Dangerous (Appears on: ‘Have You Ever’)
  • The Long and Winding Road (Appears on: ‘You’)

‘Sunshine’ is the third album released by S Club 7. The album spawned three Number 1 singles including ‘Don’t Stop Movin’, ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’, and ‘Have You Ever’. “You” was also released as the fourth and final single from the band. This was the last album to feature Paul Cattermole – He departed from the band in June of 2002. This album was not released in America, instead, it was mixed with the bands fourth album and retitled ‘Don’t Stop Movin’.

Album Stats

Released: November 26, 2001
Recorded: 2000/2001
Label: Polydor
Genre: Pop

Facts & Trivia

  • There are alternate font colorizations where the fonts switch colors between red and white
  • The album cover was used to promote the ‘Bring it All Back’ tour in 2015
  • “Sunshine” is the only album that has a song with each member on lead vocals
  • ‘Stronger’ was commissioned to be a fifth single from the album, due to Paul’s departure, the single was scrapped.
  • “Dangerous” and “The Long and Winding Roads” were released as b-sides to ‘Have You Ever’ and ‘You’.


Don't Stop Movin'

Have You Ever


Production Credits

Don’t Stop Movin’

Written By: Simon Ellis, Sheppard Solomon, S Club 7
Produced By: Simon Ellis

Show Me Your Colors

Written By: David Ericksen, Aleena
Produced By: David Ericksen


Written By: Elliot Kennedy, Mike Percy, Tim Lever, T. Woodcock
Produced By: Steelworks

Have You Ever

Written By: Cathy Dennis, Anthony Frampton, Chris Braide
Produced By: Stephen Lipson


Written By: Jonathan Shorten, E. Cachon, J. Themis
Produced By: Jonathan Shorten

Boy Like You

Written By: Cathy Dennis, L, Christy
Produced By: Cathy Dennis


Written By: Cathy Dennis, Yak Bondy, S Club 7
Produced By: Cathy Dennis

Dance Dance Dance

Written By: Cathy Dennis, Jewels & Stone
Produced By: Cathy Dennis

It’s Alright

Written By: Elliot Kennedy, Mike Percy, Tim Lever, T. Woodcock
Produced By: Steeleworks


Written By: Simon Ellis, R. Molloy, S Club 7
Produced By: Simon Ellis

Right Guy

Written By: Cathy Dennis, Bradley McIntosh
Produced By: Cathy Dennis

Summertime Feeling

Written By: M. Hadfield, A. Ryan, P. Cattermole, C. McVie
Produced By: Cathy Dennis

I Will Find You

Written By: Yak Bondy, Bradley McIntosh
Produced By: Yak Bondy

Never Had A Dream Come True

Written By: Cathy Dennis, Simon Ellis
Produced By: Cathy Dennis, Oskar Paul


Written By: Tim Laws
Produced By: Tim Laws

The Long and Winding Road

Written By: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Produced By: Cathy Dennis