Category: Beauty & Fashion

Rachel to Judge ‘Junior Design Awards’

Earlier this morning Rachel announced that she will judge the Junior Design Awards for the THIRD yea... Read More

Rachel Stevens donates Daughters Cloths to ‘Save The Children’

What a charitable woman Rachel is, along side other celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Mel C, Fea... Read More

Rachel Stevens in #My8Hours

Elizabeth Arden UK has followed the lives of 8 woman around the world during 8 hours of their day. T... Read More

Sneak Peak of Rachel’s #My8Hours

As announced early last month, Rachel will take part in Elizabeth Ardens #My8Hours. They will follow... Read More

Rachel Stevens Attends Folli Follie Launch Party

Earlier today Rachel attend the Folli Follie VIP Launch Party on Ford Street. Thanks for a fun night... Read More

Rachel Teams Up with Elizabeth Arden for #My8Hours

Earlier today Rachel’s official website announced that Rachel will team up with Elizabeth Arde... Read More

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