WATCH NOW: S Club 7 on Loose Women

Check out S Club’s interview this morning on Loose Women.

I made an error yesterday saying S Club were on Lorraine, it was actually Loose Women (whoops!!)

WATCH NOW: Grand Return of S Club 7

It’s not everyday your favorite band gets back together, but lucky for us S Club fans today was the day.

Rachel, Jo, Tina, Hannah, Jon, Bradley, & Paul hit the Children in Need stage to perform a medley of their greatest hits including S Club Party, Reach, Bring it All Back, and Don’t Stop Movin’.

Watch the HQ video below!

Rachel’s Countdown to S Club 7 Reunion

Each day since Sunday a new video has been posted by each member of S Club 7 counting down to the big reunion on Friday! Today was Rachel’s turn!!

It’s also been announced that S Club 7 are scheduled to perform around 10:40, and Rochelle Humes (of former S Club Junior fame) will be introducing them along side Sir Terry. Additionally S Club will wrap up the S Club Party telethon along side Boyzone from 12:30-2AM.

Additionally, on November 17, a 3-disc compliantion called Now Thats What I Call 90’s Music will be released. The box set will include S Club 7’s debut single Bring It All Back (which the band is surely going to perform this weekend at BBC Children in Need!!). You can pre-order the album digitally by clicking here!

WATCH NOW: Rachel featured in Saturdays Flip Video

Every week The Saturdays send out a newsletter featuring a short video featuring one of the girls. This week’s video is straight from Ireland and features a very brief chat with Rachel! Watch now!!

You can fast forward the video to the time stamp 1 minute and 55 seconds to see Una chat with Rachel!!

Ten Years of RachelStevens.Com


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago i was sitting at home, 15, putting the finishing touches on the website before the launch, but here we are. is my longest relationship, and it’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments. I have spent many hours and some restless nights figuring the newest codes, designs, and content. I hope that over these past 10 years i have brought fans closer together in some way shape or form.

I genuinely love each and every one of the visitors that visits this website, you make it all worth while, I love seeing your tweets, comments, Facebook messages and every other form of communication i have with you, including the members of Rachel Junkie that have followed me forum to forum. You all have a very special place in my heart!

I want to thank Rachel. For the past 10+ years i have followed every aspect of your career, I have followed you out of S Club, into a solo scarlet, through Strictly, and now you being a mother. You are truly an inspiration to me and no words in the English language will ever be able to describe how much of an impact you have had on my life.

Above is a throw back to 2012, This is probably one of mine and Stephen’s favorite layouts. The picture is a never-before-seen outtake from Rachel’s 2003 Arena/Funkydory photoshoot.

And Finally…..

Rachel has taken the time to record a special video for me and the website that i am now going to share with you all.

Here’s to another Ten Years!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Lorraine

Below you can watch Rachel’s appearance on yesterday’s Lorraine.

Click Here To Watch The Video!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel Interviewed by OK

Rachel has always had a fantastic relationship with OK Magazine, most recently Rachel was interviewed by OK on the Red Carpet for The Butterfly Ball (which Rachel attended Thursday). In the brief interview Rachel has a scratchy voice but talks fondly of princess Minnie, and how Amelie is so in love with her. She talks about the late nights and even getting ready in the morning! More interesting is she’s already talking about coming back to work!! She said ‘some exciting things next month’.

What do you think the exciting new project is? New music? New movie? S Club reunion? Next (Summer/Swim Suit) Shoot? So many possibilities!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Celeb Hunter

Last week Rachel appeared on Celeb Hunter, and we’ve finally got the video. Charlotte (Her manager) seemed a bit surprised when asked. The entire situation is hilarious. Watch below!

Very special thanks for Lorna from Robsten Daily for capturing the video!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Life After The Baby

Rachel spoke last night to OK Magazine – A few exciting things she discussed, she said that she is due to give birth in the next three months (So i’m not sure if that includes December, January, and February or January, February, March….?), She announced she is returning to work and has a possible fashion project coming out. She also discusses Christmas and a wee bit more. Watch below!

Richard X Talks Scaring Rachel + Hidden Gem!

Renound producer Richard X (Famous for ‘Some Girls’, ‘Crazy Boys’, and the unreleased classic ‘Nothing in Common’) was doing an interview with Idolator about a new Annie EP. During the interview he talked about previous hits, including our very own ‘Some Girls’, Here is Richard’s bit about Rachel.

Rachel Stevens’ “Some Girls” was one of your biggest hits in the UK. What do you remember about recording this track, and is it true that you used the synthesizer once owned by the Thompson Twins?
Ha! Yes, there was the Thompson Twins’ Fairlight IIx sampler, the big old white ’80s machine with the computer monitor on top. It had apparently been on stage at Live Aid in the USA. I remember scaring Rachel slightly, as I’d come up with a supposedly great idea for the b-side, which was an extended version, but with new spoken word sections. As it was a glam-influenced track, I prepared some questions about 1970s Britain and took Rachel into a small room and began interviewing her for some soundbites. “Rachel, do you remember anything of the three-day working week? Or the 1978 winter of discontent?” I wasn’t trying to be a smart-arse, I just thought we’d get some interesting words out of the exercise. Her reaction was somewhere between bemusement and terror. A year or so later, I worked with a pre-Saturdays Frankie, who, during our session, expressed relief that I was reasonably normal — she had been worried, as her management had told her of the Rachel interview, and that I “was a bit of a weirdo.”

The extended remix (b-side) of “Some Girls” he’s speaking of was only released on select promotional discs passed around radio DJs and interviewers and later sold on eBay. We actually have a copy of the promotional disc it is featured on, And after searching the internet for it (really just YouTube) i couldn’t find it. So i’ve taken the time to upload it on YouTube for all of you to hear. Its cool to listen to after having read the story behind it. Wonder if Rachel has took Richard up on his offer for coffee?