WATCH NOW: Rachel on Celeb Hunter

Last week Rachel appeared on Celeb Hunter, and we’ve finally got the video. Charlotte (Her manager) seemed a bit surprised when asked. The entire situation is hilarious. Watch below!

Very special thanks for Lorna from Robsten Daily for capturing the video!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Life After The Baby

Rachel spoke last night to OK Magazine – A few exciting things she discussed, she said that she is due to give birth in the next three months (So i’m not sure if that includes December, January, and February or January, February, March….?), She announced she is returning to work and has a possible fashion project coming out. She also discusses Christmas and a wee bit more. Watch below!

Richard X Talks Scaring Rachel + Hidden Gem!

Renound producer Richard X (Famous for ‘Some Girls’, ‘Crazy Boys’, and the unreleased classic ‘Nothing in Common’) was doing an interview with Idolator about a new Annie EP. During the interview he talked about previous hits, including our very own ‘Some Girls’, Here is Richard’s bit about Rachel.

Rachel Stevens’ “Some Girls” was one of your biggest hits in the UK. What do you remember about recording this track, and is it true that you used the synthesizer once owned by the Thompson Twins?
Ha! Yes, there was the Thompson Twins’ Fairlight IIx sampler, the big old white ’80s machine with the computer monitor on top. It had apparently been on stage at Live Aid in the USA. I remember scaring Rachel slightly, as I’d come up with a supposedly great idea for the b-side, which was an extended version, but with new spoken word sections. As it was a glam-influenced track, I prepared some questions about 1970s Britain and took Rachel into a small room and began interviewing her for some soundbites. “Rachel, do you remember anything of the three-day working week? Or the 1978 winter of discontent?” I wasn’t trying to be a smart-arse, I just thought we’d get some interesting words out of the exercise. Her reaction was somewhere between bemusement and terror. A year or so later, I worked with a pre-Saturdays Frankie, who, during our session, expressed relief that I was reasonably normal — she had been worried, as her management had told her of the Rachel interview, and that I “was a bit of a weirdo.”

The extended remix (b-side) of “Some Girls” he’s speaking of was only released on select promotional discs passed around radio DJs and interviewers and later sold on eBay. We actually have a copy of the promotional disc it is featured on, And after searching the internet for it (really just YouTube) i couldn’t find it. So i’ve taken the time to upload it on YouTube for all of you to hear. Its cool to listen to after having read the story behind it. Wonder if Rachel has took Richard up on his offer for coffee?

WATCH NOW: Rachel on “Loose Women”


Rachel appeared on “Loose Women”, she discusses a bit of everything in this interview. It’s wonderful to see Rachel discuss her past, as well as whats presently going on in her life including Wateraid and her time on X-Factor NZ earlier this week. She also discusses the S Club 7 reunion stating that if the band in fact got back together, there would be no new material, just a collection of their old material. You can click the image above to proceed to our gallery and view pictures of the GORGEOUS Rachel arriving and Leaving the ITV Studios!

With this video i’m also pleased to unveil something in the making that’s not QUITE finished yet. The video has been uploaded on our brand new video library over at Rachel-S.Us!

Special thanks to Lorna for the video!

WATCH NOW: Rachel Judging The X-Factor

Watch Rachel’s special appearance on The X-Factor above, To catch screen captures from the show Proceed to our gallery!

Special thanks to Lorna for the videos and captures!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel Judging The X-Factor

Watch Rachel’s special appearance on The X-Factor above, To catch screen captures from the show Proceed to our gallery!

Special thanks to Lorna for the videos and captures!!

Ain’t No Breakup, Like An S Club Breakup


Ten years ago today (April 21) S Club announced on their “S Club United” tour, that they were splitting up. The band went on to release “Say Goodbye / Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You”, as well as their Greatest Hits album “BeSt – The Greatest Hits of S Club 7″. News of a reunion have been spreading like wild fire, One can only hope!

This was a very sad day for me, as i was only 13 at the time, but, to this day S Club remain a large part of my life. You can get a rough idea of all the S Club merchandise i own by this chronological list. (Please note, it is not complete).

I never knew people i have never met, could mean so very much for me, It may be been the end of a wonderful era, but it was also the reason we got amazing songs such as “Negotiate With Love”, “Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex” as well as unreleased gems like “Nothing In Common” from Rachel.

Everybody breakout your “BeSt” albums and have a good cry! Be sure to watch your favorite music videos, as well as this Greatest Hits performance the band performed on CD:UK, back in 2003!

One Direction (Kind Of) Cover S Club


I’m not to sure why we haven’t caught this sooner, But, on the “Take Me Home” tour, the international heart throbs, One Direction, show a younger generation some S Club love. They sing a small snippet of “Bring It All Back” and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, It’s apart of “Songs They Sing In The Shower”.

If you watch the video above, you can hear that the boys actually mudder through a couple of the lines in the song, at one point Zayn even looks as if he shrugs it off, and stops singing completely.



I’ve found some old/rare scans of Rachel dating back to her S Club days, It’s a real blast from the past with some pictures, and articles i’ve never seen before.

(x2) Breakout Magazine
(x4) What Magazine
(x4) Star Magazine
(x2) Blue Peter Magazine

Click the link above to proceed to our gallery! Remember you saw them here first!!

Rachel on “Saturday Kitchen”

Here goes a video of Rachel’s appearance on Saturday Kitchen yesterday! It’s a cute little video, and it’s funny seeing Rachel doing everything!!

We’re the first website to feature the video with special thanks to our dear friend Lorna!! Screen captures will come later this week!