I have official comformation that S Club 7 are reforming next month for Children In Need, the band will perform a medley of their Greatest Hits!! Below is the official press release!

One of the most hotly anticipated reunions of the last decade is finally confirmed as S Club 7 announce that they are to reunite and perform together again for the first time since 2003 on the BBC Children in Need Appeal show on Friday 14th November 2014.

Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, and Hannah Spearritt will perform a medley of their greatest hits live on the show for a UK TV audience of millions.

It will be a fitting return to BBC Children in Need for the S Clubbers; their single ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ reached No.1 in the UK in 2000 as the official charity single for BBC Children in Need, as well as becoming their first top 10 hit in the States.

A year later S Club 7 released ‘Have You Ever’, their second chart-topping single for BBC Children in Need. It was one of 11 hit singles, four million selling albums, an internationally successful TV show, feature film and many awards won by the band during their five years together.

The group was formed in 1998 and quickly rose to fame by starring in their own television series that sold to over 100 territories around the world. The Brit Award winners numerous hits include Never Had a Dream Come True, Bring It All Back, S Club Party, Don’t Stop Movin’ and Have You Ever.

S Club 7 commented: “We’re massive fans of BBC Children in Need and it was great to be able to support the charity all those years ago. We’re really looking forward to bringing it all back for Pudsey, for BBC Children In Need and for all our fans who have been so great over the years. This is going to be the mega S Club party of all time!”

Additionally, Rachel has taken to her official website to post about the reunion

Hello everyone! There have been a few rumours lately and now, finally, I can set the record straight!

Yes, me and my lovely S Club 7 band mates, Bradley, Hannah, Jo, Jon, Paul and Tina are getting together for the first time since 2003 for an exclusive performance on Children In Need Appeal night on November 14th, 2014.

Rehearsals have started and it’s genuinely great to be back with the guys. It’s very nostalgic and we’re having a lot of fun!

We’ve been working on a medley of our greatest hits to perform on the show, which will be a really special occasion for us to come back together for as we supported Children In Need with 2 charity singles -‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ which went to No1 in 2000 as CIN’s official charity song and was also our first US top 10 hit, and ‘Have You Ever’ which was our second single for the charity.

Recently, I’ve also lent my face to their Barefaced campaign and this year, that image has graced the side of buses across London in a bid to get more of you involved in this year’s fundraising campaigns.

From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to all of you who have sent such lovely messages recently and have supported us over the years. I can’t wait for the show and to bring it all back for Pudsey and for all our fans here and around the world.

If you’d like to follow the official S Club Twitter page, along with mine, you can do @SClub7

Rachel Unable to Name Previous Winners

Rachel recently sat down for an interview (obviously before all this S Club madness), one of the questions asked if either of the girls (Rachel & Una) could name previous winners of the Voice, see what happens below…

Pop princesses Rachel Stevens and Una Foden were painfully earnest when discussing their new roles on RTE entertainment show The Voice of Ireland last week.

“I watch the show every weekend with the kids,” said former S Club 7 star Stevens.

But their appreciation of the series rang a little hollow when one reporter asked if they could name any of the previous Irish winners.

Both girls stared blankly at each other before Stevens ‘fessed up.

“Well no I don’t suppose I could,” she replied.

RUMOR: S Club 7 to Perform at Children in Need


The Sun is reporting S Club 7 will be reforming next month at the Children in Need telethon. While this is great (rumored) news, keep in mind although an official Twitter has been set up it is not a confirmed reunion. 19 could just be handling any copyrights to the name, or various other reasons. So take this with a grain of salt!

S Club 7 are in talks to reunite as early as next month – at the UK’s ‘Children in Need’ telethon.

The ‘Reach’ hitmakers – made up of Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole – have entered negotiations about performing together for the first time in 12 years at the televised charity event on November 14.

A source said: “The reunion is definitely on but everyone involved wants a massive launchpad, which is why Children In Need would be perfect.

“It could still all fall through because there are the diaries of seven people to work around, but it’s looking positive.”

Should the pop group agree a deal to play at the event, they are expected to sing a variety of their greatest hits, but there are fears next month might come too early for the band because some may have prior commitments they are unable to alter.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: “Jon is busy with theatre, Hannah is working on TV projects and Rachel is a judge on ‘The Voice’ in Ireland.

“But for the rest of them this is a real second chance to ditch the pub gigs and become stars again.

“The idea is for them to perform a greatest hits medley, including ‘S Club Party’ and ‘Reach’.

“If the reaction is good a tour will be announced.”

It wouldn’t be the first time S Club 7 have appeared on ‘Children in Need’ after they performed their charity single ‘Have You Ever’ on the telethon in 2001, one year after they sang their hit ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ at the event after it was chosen as the official ‘Children in Need’ single.

This comes after Paul took to Twitter in August to confirm an S Club 7 reunion is “god damn close”.

He wrote: “Big thanks too everyone for your support with the S club Re-union … Sorry guy’s I’m not confirming the S’s Re-union . I’m just saying thanks coz there have been thousands of messages over the last year … But it’s God Damn close, I can almost … Reach … The sword..”

S Club 7 Now Have A Verified Twitter Account


Allow the reunion rumors to continue. The newest promising part of this all is now S Club 7 have a VERIFIED official Twitter account.

The account uses old pictures from Hollywood 7 and Don’t Stop Movin’ as their avatars and header images and currently follows nobody nor has any tweets.

In addition to that the S Club 7 official domain (SClub7.Com) has recently been purchased and updated as of October 14, 2014. However the register information is unavailable. Click Here to see that information (It was registered through a domain service in France).

This all could mean so many things but as i’m sure you’re all thinking along side me, it could mean NOTHING ELSE but a reunion. However there are numerous things you have to consider.

Jo is a full time mommy now.
Paul Recently launched his album with the band he originally left S Club for
Hannah Is busy filming movies
Jon Just starred in on more theater productions.
Bradley has been doing loads of behind the scenes work
and of course Rachel has full time judging duties now (as well as being a mom)

Click the image above to proceed to their twitter, and be sure to follow so you don’t miss a thing!!

Una Insists No Rivalry With Rachel


The Saturday’s star Una Foden has taken a stance on early indications there would be rivalry between herself and former S Clubber Rachel!

They’re the new coaches on the Voice of Ireland and they mean to impress. But Una Foden and Rachel Stevens insist there will be no fisty cuffs in the live shows.

“I don’t think we’ll come to blows. I come from The Saturdays where we’re more like sisters and I already feel a bond like that starting to form with Rachel. We’re all about girl power,” Una told The Herald.

However, the same can’t be said about their relationship with fellow coaches Bressie and Kian Egan.

“I’m sandwiched in between the two boys so I’ve got them both in each ear,” Rachel laughed.

“It was like being the new kids at school on the first day but it’s good to be thrown in at the deep end,” she added.

The Saturday’s star Una admitted that competition was fierce between the judges from the beginning.

“I think we both got really into it from really early doors and the first guy who auditioned was brilliant and so it got off to a great start and didn’t really fall from there,” she said.

Una is currently pregnant with her second child but insists it won’t get in the way of the show.

“I’m in a really good stage of pregnancy at the moment, I’ve got lots of energy,” she said. “I’m used to long days and the show is filmed in stints as well. There’s the blind auditions and then there’s nothing again until November and then there’s actually nothing until after the baby is born.

“They get a lot of content in these few days, the blind auditions and the battles and we go away for a few days as well. Plus I’m used to working long hours.”

The talent show is currently filming the blind auditions and will air in January.


Rachel Opens Up About Under-Active Thyroid Problem


Rachel, 36, who lives in London with husband Alex and children Amelie, three, and six-month-old Minnie, tells how she found she had a thyroid condition while pregnant Singer, model and presenter Rachel Stevens shot to fame with pop group S Club 7, selling over 14 million records. Here, Rachel, 36, who lives in London with husband Alex and children Amelie, three, and six-month-old Minnie, tells how she found she had a thyroid condition while pregnant. I was always turning the heating up and tiredness was something I put down to being too busy – so I wasn’t aware I had anything wrong. My underactive thyroid was only picked up during the early stages of being ­pregnant with Amelie.

The condition can be hereditary and I knew it ran in the family because my mother and grandma suffer from it. But my mum doesn’t take any ­medication so hers must not be as bad. As a result, I never really thought to get myself tested. It came to light just over four years ago. Once a year I try to attend a well-woman screening to check hormone levels and general health. Thanks to one of these sessions, I discovered I was suffering from a slightly underactive thyroid. Between having the test to check on my thyroid and getting the results from a consultant at London’s The Wellington Hospital, I discovered that I was pregnant. It was strange how ­everything seemed to work out at around the same time. Read More…

Rachel Takes Beauty, Eating Healthy, & Fashion

Here’s a recent interview Rachel has done talking about her beauty regimes, her fitness and eating healthy and some of her favorite fragrances!!

Which beauty products do you swear by?
I love the Ren skincare range. It’s chemical-free and really helps keep my skin clear. I’m lucky that I’ve never suffered with acne but I noticed my skin has changed a lot in my 30s and I’ve become prone to getting a massive spot now and then.

What’s your number one beauty tip?
Always take your make-up off at night. I don’t have as much time as I did before I had my children (Rachel is mum to Amelie, three, and six-month-old Minnie) so facial wipes are brilliant. Diet can really affect how you look too so I make sure I eat well.

Do you diet?
No. I left all the dieting behind in my 20s. I’m really interested in nutrition and eating food that makes me feel good – apart from when I was pregnant and craved Big Macs! I eat a lot of vegetables, brown rice and sweet potatoes. I stay away from white carbs and that’s helped with losing baby weight – although I didn’t gain a lot with Minnie. My guilty pleasure is an Indian takeaway but I eat it without the rice and bread.

What’s your fitness regime like?
Non-existent at the moment, but I am going to start hitting the gym again. When I’m in the gym, I do a lot of circuit training – short bursts of exercise using my own body weight. I also enjoy Pilates.

Which make-up products do you always carry in your handbag?
I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Bronze Tinted Moisturiser foundation. It gives me a real sun-kissed glow. If I’m looking tired, I whack that on and instantly feel like I’ve just come back from holiday. I also always carry mascara. My favourite is Benefit They’re Real mascara, which makes my lashes look so much longer.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a single item?
When I turned 30, I treated myself to a Chanel handbag, which was very pricey. I won’t say how much! But if you buy designer classics, they will stand the test of time. I can pass my Chanel handbag on to my daughters!

Who is your fashion icon?
I think Victoria Beckham always looks impeccable. I love her fashion range. She’s carved out an amazing career as well as being a brilliant mum. She’s very inspiring.

What’s your signature fragrance?
Narciso Rodriguez, which I’ve worn for 10 years. It has a musky but not overpowering scent. I love it. I’ve also recently discovered Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot. It’s a lovely, citrusy fragrance.

Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?
Never say never! One day I might feel I need a little bit. But at the moment I’m happy as I am.

Rachel is ambassador for Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser and is supporting the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation – a charity campaign aiming to improve children’s health. For further information go to

Rachel Talks Sexy Photoshoots In New Interview


The 36-year-old singer, and mother-of-two, told the Daily Express Online exclusively she thought Carol Vorderman was deserving of the Sexiest Woman Of All Time title. She said: “Carol Vorderman is amazing, she’s so sexy. She’s got an incredible body and an amazing figure – yeah she’s amazing. “Every year she rocks those really fitted sexy dresses, it’s great.” Rachel added: “I think Beyonce is very sexy, I think Kate Moss is very sexy. There are so many gorgeous, sexy women out there.”

The former S Club 7 singer hasn’t ruled out doing sexy photoshoots, and said she’ll do them for as long as people ask. “As long as they’ll have me. The last shoot I did I was three months pregnant with Minnie. So that was quite an amazing time to do one of those photoshoots. “I love doing photoshoots anyway, I love working as part of the team. I’ve worked loads with FHM – they’re such a great team there, we always have fun.” Although she’s got a pin-up status, Rachel’s main priority in life are her two daughters: Minnie and Amelie. Having grown up in the music industry, the singer said if either of her daughters were set on having a career in the limelight she would support them all the way.

“If they were really, really passionate about being whatever they want to be – a dancer, an actor. Whatever it was, as long as it was their passion and their dream then a million percent I’d be supportive of it. I’d be supportive of anything that made them happy. “All I want for them is to be happy – and it’s a fun industry to be in, but you need to work hard and be passionate.” The star has just been announced as a judge on The Voice Ireland – an exciting extension of her pop career. And on the X Factor this weekend 16-year-old Lauren Platt sailed through to the live shows, with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini as her mentor.
Read More…

Rachel Backs Former S Clubber Frankie Bridge on Strictly Come Dancing


Rachel Stevens is backing S Club Juniors’ Frankie Bridge to take home this year’s Strictly Come Dancing crown. Back in the good ol’ days of Rachel’s band, S Club 7, they created a mini version of themselves called S Club Juniors (who later graduated to S Club 8) and twelve-year-old Frankie was among the group’s eight members, alongside her Saturdays bandmate Rochelle Humes. They were basically brilliant and everybody and their dog were bopping along to ‘One Step Closer’ at their school discoes whilst trying to master Daisy’s fishtail plaits. It was a great time to be alive.

Grown up S Club member, Rachel, impressed when she took to the Strictly dancefloor back in 2008, coming in second place overall. And speaking exclusively to Yahoo, the 36-year-old reveals that she hopes Frankie goes all the way this year, saying: “I love Strictly, I’m definitely watching. “I have to back Frankie to win, she’s amazing and she’s my S Club Junior so obviously I have to support her. She is great, I think she is going to go really far.”

And although it’s The Saturdays’ star that she wants to take home the trophy, Rachel is full of praise for the other contestants, gushing: “It’s a really brilliant line-up this year. I love Mark Wright, he’s gorgeous, and Jake Wood is brilliant. “And Pixie Lott too, it’s a really, really brilliant line-up.”

But watching the show is a bittersweet experience for the singer, who tells us: “Watching always makes me miss being there. I love dancing and it’s something I really want to get back and do in some way. “I loved being on Strictly, I’ve never trained as a dancer so getting the opportunity to do it is what’s so amazing about the show. It’s incredible.”

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Rachel at Pride of Britain Awards


Today has been a very exciting day for us Rachel fans, Not only did we get wonderful news of seeing Rachel every week on The Voice Ireland but we also got to see Rachel hitting the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards! Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery, more pictures will be added as they become available!