To say the least Rachel has had a busy couple of days. Yesterday after the press conference Rachel (and the rest of S Club), got back together for their first interview with ‘The Sun’, (You can read the entire interview by clicking here). Then this morning Rachel was seen leaving a Manchester hotel with the S Club girls on their way to BBC Studios where they did their first televised interview on BBC Breakfast. They then did a radio interview on BBC Five Live, then left BBC Studios.

Below are all the links for the different events Rachel has had today, she’s a busy busy lady!

‘The Sun’ Photocall
Leaving a Manchester Hotel
BBC Breakfast – Screen Captures
BBC Breakfast – Photocall
BBC Live At Five – Photocall
Leaving BBC Studios



And the day has come, Rachel is in the July 2014 edition of FHM, The magazine goes on sale today.

I’ve added some scans of Rachel’s sexiest shoot yet, which i will replace when i get a proper copy, but these will do for now. Click the image above to proceed to our gallery!

Additionally, i have added two HQ pictures from the shoot. Click Here to view them!

Rachel on ITV’s Lorraine

Rachel Stevens Official has informed us that Rachel will be on Lorraine.

Tomorrow morning, Rachel will be back on our TV screens to discuss her latest accolade, being crowned FHM’s all time sexiest and life after giving birth to her second child, Minnie, just 10 weeks ago.

Tune in tomorrow morning from 8:30am on ITV 1.



I don’t think i saw this coming, but i am sure it is of no surprise to us all. Rachel has been voted the Sexiest Woman EVER to grace the covers of FHM

20 years. Over two thousand entrants. Millions of votes. But there could only ever be one winner. One woman who would rise above the rest like a glorious, sexy phoenix to be crowned the hottest woman in FHM 100 Sexiest’s 20-year history.

And that woman is… Rachel Stevens

The former S Club 7 starlet and pin-up legend has fought off the likes of 100 Sexiest double-winners Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole for the number one spot, without even topping the list before.

That being said, she’s been in the list 11 times, appeared on 8 FHM covers and has been the 100 Sexiest runner-up not once, not twice but thrice! And having a legitimate excuse to use the word ‘thrice’ in a sentence is already exciting enough…

So how do we celebrate such an outstanding achievement? Why, we put her on the cover of this very mag, of course! And filmed the 39 seconds of awesomeness you see at the top of the page.

And what did Rachel have to say about her big win?

“To win this award feels absolutely amazing. I’ve worked with FHM for the past decade and a half. I feel such a strong bond to the magazine and it’s so flattering to think that people think of me that way. It’s brilliant, the first cover I shot in 2000 was really exciting, because at that time we were really young – I was 22 – and we were so used to being all kiddy and sweet and nice; It was an opportunity to be a bit more grown up, to be more womanly and sexy.’

HM deputy editor Dan Jude said: ‘It’s fantastic to see Rachel take the number one spot. She’s been a part of FHM for 14 years now, and after all this time readers clearly still love her.’

Get the brand new issue of FHM, with a knee-slappingly sexy fold-out surprise, in the shops and on mobile devices from Thursday June 5.

Additionally watch this super hot behind the scenes video of Rachel on the Photoshoot.

WATCH NOW: Rachel Interviewed by OK

Rachel has always had a fantastic relationship with OK Magazine, most recently Rachel was interviewed by OK on the Red Carpet for The Butterfly Ball (which Rachel attended Thursday). In the brief interview Rachel has a scratchy voice but talks fondly of princess Minnie, and how Amelie is so in love with her. She talks about the late nights and even getting ready in the morning! More interesting is she’s already talking about coming back to work!! She said ‘some exciting things next month’.

What do you think the exciting new project is? New music? New movie? S Club reunion? Next (Summer/Swim Suit) Shoot? So many possibilities!

Introducing Baby Minnie Bourne


I am so very excited to announce the unveiling of Miss Minnie Bourne. We have scans from today’s OK Magazine thanks to the always wonderful Lorna.

In the interview Rachel talks about the labor, and Amelie, plus the name selection. Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery and view the scans.

OK Magazine is on sale now in the UK! Pick yourself up a copy!



Rachel is featured in a brand new magazine spread in OK. The interview speaks of Baby Bump, Amelie, and an S Club reunion among other exciting topics, Read the excerpt from the website below, or click the picture above to proceed to the magazine scans!

She’s currently expecting her second child with husband Alex Bourne – and with the birth-date looming, Rachel Stevens was spotted stocking up on some last minute essentials. The former S Club 7 star’s baby bump was hard to miss beneath her thick winter jacket as she called into a London branch of Mothercare on Monday. Rachel, who announced her second pregnancy in September, was assisted by a dutiful member of staff following what appeared to be a heavy spending spree.

Indeed, the 35-year-old singer looked on as the Mothercare employee pulled bags from her overflowing trolley and loaded them into the back of her car. With so many bags and so little space, he looked rather puzzled while casting a thoughtful eye over the several remaining bags and the limited room he had to store them. Standing by his side, heavily pregnant Rachel looked casual, with a pair of black jeans and conventional ankle-boots rounding off her outfit.

Given her low-key outing the accessories were kept to a minimum, with the large leather handbag that hung from her right arm the only visible addition to a very relaxed ensemble. Rachel married her husband Alex Bourne in a romantic ceremony at London’s Claridges’ Hotel in August 2009, and the star made no secret of the fact that the couple were keen to become parents. The couple already have a two-year-old daughter Amelie, who is said to be excited at the prospect of having a new brother or sister.

The family are is set to welcome her new arrival into the world in early 2014. Announcing the happy news in September, Rachel tweeted: ‘Alex and I are so happy to find out that we are pregnant again and can’t wait to meet our new little member of the family early next year. ‘Needless to say, we’re all super excited, especially Amelie who is looking forward to meeting her new little brother or sister.’

Special thanks to our dear friend Lorna for the scans!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Life After The Baby

Rachel spoke last night to OK Magazine – A few exciting things she discussed, she said that she is due to give birth in the next three months (So i’m not sure if that includes December, January, and February or January, February, March….?), She announced she is returning to work and has a possible fashion project coming out. She also discusses Christmas and a wee bit more. Watch below!

Rachel Opens Up on Days in S Club


Rachel had a very lengthy interview with Daily Mail, In the interview Rachel seemingly takes a look back at her career and hits on different subjects including being in S Club and hating her time in the band, Her bitter relationship with her father, Strictly Come Dancing, and the meeting regarding the S Club reunion.

There are few times when Rachel Stevens’ new life as a mother, and her old one as a sex symbol and No 1 pop star, collide. But when they do it’s almost always at children’s parties.  Reach, the S Club 7 song Rachel and her six bandmates had a hit with in 2000, may be more than a decade old but its catchy beat still makes it a firm favourite when it comes to toddler discos.  ‘Whenever it comes on everyone looks at me to see how I’ll react,’ she smiles. ‘I think it’s brilliant that people are still playing our music. But all that stuff feels like a lifetime ago. So much has changed.’

S Club 7 split up ten years ago and Rachel, as the band’s most famous face and resident FHM poster girl, went on to have a successful solo career and even acted in a couple of films. But then record sales fell and it went a bit quiet. Next came Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 (Rachel came  second behind actor Tom Chambers). But then, just as she had our attention again, she vanished.  That was thanks to Amelie, her two-year-old daughter with property developer husband Alex Bourne. Rachel, 35, has enjoyed a quiet couple of years being a mother, but now she’s ready to get back to work.

‘Being in a band gave me a strong work ethic and I’ve always been very driven,’ she says. ‘I’ve loved spending time with Amelie but I knew I needed to do something else. If she worried about being forgotten she needn’t have. She’s just become the face of Next’s Petites range, for women 5ft 3in and under, while from now until September you’ll see her face all over bottles of Belu water.  Proceeds will go to WaterAid – she’s an ambassador for the charity – and on a recent trip to Ethiopia in that capacity she says she met a single mother of eight who had to walk miles to get a bucket of dirty water, which certainly made Rachel appreciate her life a little more.

Since being ‘spotted’ in the canteen at Sony Records (at the time she was dreaming of becoming a fashion buyer and was only there to have lunch with her brother), and signed up to the band by Spice Girls Svengali Simon Fuller before he’d even heard her sing, Rachel has always happily admitted that, although she’s ambitious, there’s never been a plan.  She’d quite like to try her hand at more acting (the S Club 7 singers also starred in their own faux reality show, a kind of modern-day version of The Monkees) and she’s even been discussing – feel free to squeal or shriek depending on your taste – an S Club reunion.

‘We met at Tina Barrett’s flat and it was like we’d never been apart,’ she says. ‘It was really chilled. We talked about getting back together and although we all have our own stuff going on right now, if the right thing came up it could be fun.’  Read More…



I’ve found some old/rare scans of Rachel dating back to her S Club days, It’s a real blast from the past with some pictures, and articles i’ve never seen before.

(x2) Breakout Magazine
(x4) What Magazine
(x4) Star Magazine
(x2) Blue Peter Magazine

Click the link above to proceed to our gallery! Remember you saw them here first!!