S CLUB SIGHTING: S Club at Dance Studio

This could possibly be the worst kept secret ever, members of S Club 7 were photographed outside of 68 Studio, which is a well known dance studio in London.


In the picture you can see Rachel, Paul, Bradley and Jo on a smoke break (You can’t see Rachel actually smoking because she gave it up awhile back when she had Amelie). I don’t think i could be more excited!

Thanks to Saara for the heads up and Dan Jones for the actual picture!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel featured in Saturdays Flip Video

Every week The Saturdays send out a newsletter featuring a short video featuring one of the girls. This week’s video is straight from Ireland and features a very brief chat with Rachel! Watch now!!

You can fast forward the video to the time stamp 1 minute and 55 seconds to see Una chat with Rachel!!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: The Voice Promo Shoot


Yesterday (judging purly on the outfit) Rachel and the rest of the gang over at The Voice of Ireland posed for the first promo shoot of the season.

Click the image above to proceed to our gallery to see the judges in their chair action!!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: First Images of Rachel Filming “The Voice”


The first images of Rachel’s chair (and buzzer) have been uploaded via Rachel’s twitter, in case you believed it was to good to be true. Take a look for yourself. Additionally we have the first picture of Rachel IN the chair!! Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery!

Blind auditions continue tomorrow!!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Rachel Arriving in Dublin


And it’s begun, earlier today our very own Rachel and Saturday’s member Una Foden arrived at the Dublin airport ahead of blind auditions which begin tomorrow and run through Friday at The Helix.

Click the photos above to proceed to our gallery!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Rachel at Pride of Britain Awards


Today has been a very exciting day for us Rachel fans, Not only did we get wonderful news of seeing Rachel every week on The Voice Ireland but we also got to see Rachel hitting the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards! Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery, more pictures will be added as they become available!

OFFICIAL: Rachel Becomes Ambassador for Dettol


Rachel will be collaborating with Dettol on a campaign to raise awareness of their Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser whilst also helping underprivileged children both here and abroad.

The campaign will encourage people to donate their baby blankets to Dettol, who will wash them using their product to ensure that they are hygienically clean, before distributing them to children who otherwise wouldn’t have the comfort of a blanket.

You can donate and share your favourite blanket memories and photos on Twitter @DettolBlanket using #sharethememories and for every blanket received, Dettol will also donate £1 to the charity, Sparks.

You can gather more information and donate on the Official website or
their Facebook.

Ten Years of RachelStevens.Com


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago i was sitting at home, 15, putting the finishing touches on the website before the launch, but here we are.

RachelStevens.com is my longest relationship, and it’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments. I have spent many hours and some restless nights figuring the newest codes, designs, and content. I hope that over these past 10 years i have brought fans closer together in some way shape or form.

I genuinely love each and every one of the visitors that visits this website, you make it all worth while, I love seeing your tweets, comments, Facebook messages and every other form of communication i have with you, including the members of Rachel Junkie that have followed me forum to forum. You all have a very special place in my heart!

I want to thank Rachel. For the past 10+ years i have followed every aspect of your career, I have followed you out of S Club, into a solo scarlet, through Strictly, and now you being a mother. You are truly an inspiration to me and no words in the English language will ever be able to describe how much of an impact you have had on my life.

Above is a throw back to 2012, This is probably one of mine and Stephen’s favorite layouts. The picture is a never-before-seen outtake from Rachel’s 2003 Arena/Funkydory photoshoot.

And Finally…..

Rachel has taken the time to record a special video for me and the website that i am now going to share with you all.

Here’s to another Ten Years!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Lorraine

Below you can watch Rachel’s appearance on yesterday’s Lorraine.

Click Here To Watch The Video!!

NEW PHOTOS: Arriving/Leaving ITV Studios


I’ve added 29 HQ pictures of Rachel are Charlotte (I see you girl) leaving ITV Studio’s yesterday before and after filming Rachel’s interview on Lorraine.

Click the pictures above to proceed to our gallery!