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Rachel Stevens on The Voice’s Laura O’Conner “I’ve Been In Her Shoes”

The Voice of Ireland heads into it’s finale later tonight on RTE One, and Rachel has some thin... Read More

Relive All Your Miami 7 Memories

S Club 7 in Miami (or simply, Miami 7) is the debut television series from S Club 7. The show stars ... Read More

Rachel Stevens Judges ‘Junior Design Awards’ 2016

To nobody’s surprise, Rachel is scheduled to judge the 2016 Junior Design Awards for a fifth y... Read More

Rachel Stevens Serves Guests in Dublin

Earlier this week, Rachel did her rounds at Jervis Centre whilst visiting finalist Laura O’Con... Read More

Rachel Stevens Eye’s Acting Role + Move to the ‘The Voice UK’

During the Disney on Ice anniversary the other day, Rachel had a bit to talk about. Unexpandtly, rev... Read More

Rachel Celebrates Her Birthday

Rachel spent much of her birthday, yesterday (April 9) working. She was on set at ‘The Voice o... Read More

Voice Host Kathryn Thomas finds Rachel “Sexy” + Sneak Peek at This Week’s Show

The Voice of Ireland host Kathryn Thomas has admitted in an interview, that she finds her female cou... Read More

WATCH NOW: Rachel Stevens on Ray D’Arcy

Earlier tonight Rachel appeared on ‘Ray D’Arcy Show’, during the interview he spok... Read More

Rachel Stevens to Appear on Ray D’Arcy Show

Tomorrow night (April 2) Rachel Stevens is scheduled to appear on Ray D’arcy Show on RTE One, ... Read More

Rachel Stevens Celebrates Purim

Rachel Stevens, ambassador of Wateraid and Cauldwell Kids recently was approached by some little gir... Read More

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