Frankie Opens Up About Being Replaced by Rachel Stevens during Strictly Come Dancing (Live)

This past January, Rachel replaced former S Club Junior (and current Saturdays member) Frankie Bridge in Strictly Come Dancing – Live. Frankie was struck by a bad case of morning sickness as a result of her recent pregnancy. Whilst promoting a charity, Marie Curie Frankie opened up about being replaced by Rachel.

Frankie, who was replaced by Rachel when she announced she was pregnant, said: ‘I won’t lie – I was territorial.

‘Before I knew it was Rachel who would be my replacement I remember saying to Kevin [Clifton, her dance partner] that I didn’t want him doing our dances with anybody else – and he promised he wouldn’t.

‘Looking back, it was ridiculous, but as soon as I knew it was Rachel I was happy. There was nobody better-suited for the job. Thankfully, they never did do our dances, which was a relief. She might’ve been better at them!’

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