New Layout at RachelStevens.Com

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Stephen and I have been working relentlessly over there past couple of months to get our heads going with ‘where do we go from here’, well….. here we are! We chose to use neutral colors to give a better feel for the website, it is simply easy to navigate and is accessible on my Tablet or Phone device.

As always Rachel Stevens.Com wants to give you only the best of everything Rachel has to offer, i have struggled a little bit with adding Candids to our gallery. Rachel does not seem pleased to be photographed lately, and i don’t want her to have to visit this website and see her privacy being taken away from her. I will take all of this into deep consideration, but soon, a decision will be made in regards to our photo gallery and what can and will be posted.

We originally intended to release this layout on July 3 (which is the websites 11th anniversary) but we just couldn’t hold out any longer!! – We hope that you enjoy this layout, and if you have any problems feel free to Tweet us, we’d love to hear from you!

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