NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Behind The Scenes of Select Photoshoot


Yesterday (and earlier this morning) Rachel alternated using her Facebook and Twitter to post behind the scenes pictures of her latest photo shoot with Select Model Management, The god have heard our prayers and we are finally getting a new swimsuit shoot. You can click the picture above to proceed to the pictures, The last one is my favorite.

Also, Rachel has announced after several (years) delay her official website will relaunch August 5, It’s such a specific date. What do you think Rachel’s new official site means? Vote in the poll below!

Rachel To Appear at “Plusher Show”

July 22, 2013

It has been announced on Twitter Rachel will appear at the Plusher Show on November 9.

Plusher is London’s first luxury event dedicated to showcasing all things luxurious, stylish and innovative for mother, baby and families. This must-visit event is aimed at forward thinking parents who want the very best for themselves and their precious little urbanites.

You can purchase tickets to the event by clicking here!

Rachel Joins Facebook


After a little bit of confusion, Rachel finally has an official Facebook for everybody to “Love” “Like”. Also with this announcement, Rachel said her official website should launch this month after being down for several years.

Click the new “Next” image above to proceed to Rachel’s Facebook! The new design will implement all of Rachel’s official social networking websites! Stay tuned for it. It’s coming and there’s something big coming with it. It’s just taking a bit more time than originally anticipated.

Rachel talks Travel with Daily Mail

Rachel recently went on a vacation to Algarve, In a recent interview with Daily Mail Rachel spoke of her travels with Amelie, trips to New Zealand, Russia, L.A. and many other cool interesting stories.


Once upon a time, in a different chapter of my life, I used to fly around the world as a member of the pop group S Club, dashing off to Los Angeles or playing in big cities all across the world. But since my daughter Amelie came along two-and-a-half years ago, travelling has become a slower process.
Everything, now, seems to revolve around preparation.

I have always liked to pack a lot when I go away, but with a toddler, there is so much more to think about. You have to consider food choices and the amount of time that will be spent on a plane – and then think about options that will keep your child entertained for the duration of the journey. However, I’m still keen to go away on holiday. Last year, my husband Alex and I took Amelie on her first overseas adventure – a trip to Halkidiki in Greece. It was a gorgeous week, and Amelie seemed to cope pretty well with the odd experience of being up in the air. So, as summer 2013 finally started to appear, we began dreaming of our next escape.

Portugal seemed a good choice. It is only two hours away by plane, it is in the same time zone as the UK – and we knew the weather would be reliable. I had also, despite my previous globe-trotting, never been to the country – and I wanted to see what it offers. A friend had mentioned the Conrad Algarve – a luxury property that opened in May, and sits neatly between Albufeira and Faro towards the southern edge of Portugal. They suggested it as a hotel with a good balance – a comfortable place to stay for children and young families, but also a really stylish retreat. Ideal for mums needing a little glamour!

So we armed ourselves with everything we could imagine – snacks, books and toys. We downloaded a million episodes of Peppa Pig onto the iPad, scooped up Amelie, and headed for the airport.
A couple of hours later, we landed in Faro, and were met on touch-down for the swift transfer to the resort. Before I knew it, we were checking in. My first impression was that everything was very new, and beautifully arranged. We had a pair of interconnecting rooms – one for me and Alex, another for Amelie – so space was never going to be an issue. It was like an apartment. Amelie even had her own bathroom – she was pretty kitted out for a two-year-old. I recall standing on the balcony, looking out over the swimming pool, and thinking that it was going to be a great week. Read More…

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Rachel & Alex @ Dynamo’s Secret London Show


Last night Rachel and hubby Alex were photographed arriving at Dynamo’s Secret London Show. Rachel looked absolutely stunning, and Alex looked as dapper as ever, Click the photograph above to proceed to our gallery, Check back later tonight and hopefully we have some HQs for you!

Happy Birthday To A Song That Stood The Test Of Time…

July 4, 2013


Today marks the 8th Birthday for Rachel’s summer smash “So Good” – The track was released on July 4th 2005 – and a line from the song even became her album title “Come & Get It”. Upon it’s release the track was described as the “I Will Survive” of the 21th century, And even launched an entire campaign based off of the gloves she used to perform in the song as seen in this exclusive performance on TOTP.

In addition to the gloves, Rachel posed for some glamorously moody pictures for the single’s cover. Which can be found by clicking here! The track also featured an exclusive b-side “Never Go Back” which was penned by Rachel herself (Goes to show how much she really loved the track), it also featured a remix of “Breathe In, Breathe Out” which was originally commissioned for a single release during the Funkydory era.

So everybody grab your CDs and jam along!

9 Years….

July 3, 2013

I’d like to take a quick moment to let everybody know that has OFFICIALLY been online (in some form) for NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!, In those 9 years we have made many friends, and many enemies. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we waited in excitement to see baby Amelie for the first time. We’ve been here through it all.

Without the help and support of all my online friends i wouldn’t know where this site would be today. I’d like to start off with a special somebody, Stephen, Whom has designed this website for more than half of it’s life. He’s a special friend, whom i trust more than half the people i know in real life. He makes late night chats fun, and competitive. Secondly, i would like to thank my husband Mark. He has stood by my side after listening me talk for H O U R S about Rachel, and feeding into my fascination of Rachel. I’d also like to thank Saara for always staying by my side even when things got a little tough. I’d also like to thank some in between designers who helped the site a lot whenever Stephen (for whatever reason) was unavailable. Thanks to Lorna and Catherine, who have been around the site since the early days.

I would also like to thank YOU the fans of this website, For joining our forum, “Liking” us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, or just visiting the website. You are what makes all of this worth while And most importantly i’d like to thank Rachel herself. She has made me see what a women is really like, and also has made it impossible for anybody to compare. She is perfection, and is what others should aspire to be. I mean it when i say this Rachel. I do love you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to another year!!

(A new layout is well on it’s way, We had a bit of a set back!!!)

More New Select Model Shoots

Select Model Managment has added 2 new pictures to their portfolio of Rachel.

Be sure to check them out in our gallery!! They are the last four pictures at the bottom!!

Rachel Design’s Nails To Help Wateraid


Rachel looks absolutely stunning in this new Wateraid campaign. Rachel has joined the ranks along side Lianne La Havas, Laura Whitmore, and Tim Burgess to design nails to help raise awareness for WaterAid’s Pump up the Volume campaign. The campaign asks for people to sign up to a petition and call on world leaders to promise a world where everyone, everywhere has access to water and sanitation by 2030. To sign the petition simply go to the website! Also pass the link along to your friends. Let’s help support Rachel’s passion!

You can view Rachel’s nail design here

Rachel Stevens DOES NOT have A Facebook

June 21, 2013

I’d like to post a friendly reminder that Rachel does not have an official Facebook.


Straight from Rachel’s mouth!