NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Spotted on Primrose

July 5, 2012

Here goes another new set of candids, this time from June 29th. She was spotted on Primrose!!

Candids / 2012 / Spotted on Primrose Hill

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel….

July 5, 2012

Today, (Marking our 8 years online) something even more SPECTACULAR happened.

Yes, my dears you are reading that properly. RACHEL LAUREN STEVENS IS FOLLOWING ME!!!! Early this morning Rachel congratulated us on our milestone by tweeting “whoop, whoop” (who knew Rachel was a ‘whoop whoop’ girl, Excellent album title in my opinion!!) and began following the website’s twitter! This is my greatest accomplishment and i have NEVER in my life been SO proud of all that i have done to this website! Fun Fact: This is the SECOND S Clubber to follow me, Rachel’s band mate Tina also follows my personal account.

You can also follow us on Twitter by clicking here!!

When Selfridge’s Met Rachel!!

Here goes a new interview with Rachel, complete with new photographs, about how Rachel has designed shoes for Charity to be sold at Selfridge’s to benefit the British Heart Foundation!

Step2wo has joined forces with The British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal to create The Heart & Sole collection; a line of children’s shoes available exclusively at Selfridges from 4 July. Three stylish mums, Rachel Stevens, Charlotte Church and Jasmine Guinness, have each designed unique shoes and boots for the collection. We had the pleasure of talking to them about the cause, their inspirations and their shoe collections.

Why did you decide to get involved in the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal?
Rachel: I jumped at the chance to get involved – especially when I heard it involved designing children’s shoes to help fundraise!

What were you inspired by when designing your shoe range?
Rachel: My main inspiration was my daughter, Amelie. I wanted to make them really pretty and girly, but stylish and fun at the same time.

Will your own children be wearing them? Which is their favourite?
Rachel: Amelie is already showing signs for a love for shoes – like mother like daughter!! Her favorites are the gold ones with the bows on the front.

Can you choose a favourite pair of shoes that you own?
Rachel: My favourite shoes are a pair of black and white striped Charlotte Olympia shoes.

Which brands do you head for at Selfridges when buying for your children and yourself?
Rachel: I love a bit of retail therapy. For Amelie there’s lots of choice and there’s plenty for me to look at too!

How do you find balancing your career and being a mum?
Rachel: Balancing my career and being a mum works really well most of the time. I have great family and friends and feel very lucky that I have a lot of support around me.

You can now shop for Rachel’s shoes at your local Selfridge’s or via their website!!


July 4, 2012

I stand here before you, after 8 years online the most proud i’ve ever been. In my 23 years, i have never felt so accomplished as i have on this website. I’ve met some AMAZING people through this site, Richard X, Ronald Parisi, Lisa Greene, Lucie Silvas, amongst many many MANY others. I would like to personally thank all of my daily visitors, both new and old. The one’s who’ve stuck by my side when things weren’t looking the brightest. I’d like to thank all of my designers over the years. Joyce, Catherine, Steph, and most importantly Stephen and lastly i’d like to thank Rachel, Although she may not know me personally, but she has gotten me through some pretty hard times, The times she has tweeted me, my heart sinks, the fact i know she knows about my website means more to me in the world than anything. Over the years i’ve compiled the largest collection of Rachel Stevens pictures, we currently host 37,300+ pictures! We are also one half of the most interactive message board online! Plus our random spurts of exclusive information all that mixed together, i’ve accomplished my goal of providing the greatest Rachel Stevens website ever!! We give you every little thing!!

Here’s to another eight years!!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Leaving Kickboxing Class

July 3, 2012

Here go a new set of candid’s from Rachel leaving kick boxing class on June 30th!!

Candids / 2012 / Leaving Kick Boxing Class

You saw them here first!!

4th Annual Rachel Stevens Countdown

July 1, 2012

Welp guys, it’s that time of year again. Bud has taken the time to put together the FOURTH Countdown to your favorite Rachel hits. It’s the time of the year to sit down and listen to anything and EVERYTHING Rachel Stevens and put them in order from favorite to least favorite, cause surly with the addition of ‘Nothing in Common’ and each and every song from Tasty Tunes has altered your results from last year!!

Simply click the image above to proceed to Rachel Junkie (Not a member, JOIN!!) and go to Special Projects and The 4th Annual Rachel Stevens Top 20 Countdown to read all the rules and submit yours!!

Rachel in Support of Wateraid

Alot of exciting news this week, Rachel has recorded a short video in hopes to raise awareness for the big dig!!

Captures / Miscellaneous / Rachel supports ‘The Big Dig’

I’ve also went ahead and added the video to our new Video Archive.

Rachel & Alex to Appear on Mr & Mrs.

June 19, 2012

It’s been announced that Phillip Schofield will host the second season of a 60’s reboot of “Mr. & Mrs”. The show will return to ITV this fall where spouses are grilled about each other! The show will include Antony Cotton with his partner Peter Eccleston, the two have been in a long-term relationship and when the host was questioned about the gay couple being on the show he was quoted saying “My view is simple — equality is equality is equality -If the Church is to remain relevant, it has to move with the times” along side Rachel, other celebrities include Martin Kemp, Jo Joyner, Patsy Palmer and Nadia Sawalha, sports heroes John Barnes and Michael Owen, and pop stars Stacey Solomon, Harry Judd, and Shaun Ryder.

Rachel takes on Wateraid

June 13, 2012

Rachel is taking part once again in a Charitable event. Earlier tonight Rachel retweeted a tweet saying that she was recording tomorrow for ‘Wateraid’. It seems as if the recording will actually be a series of radio interviews to raise awareness, similar to what she did for ‘Seven Seas’ late last year!! We’ll do our best to get dates and times that the interviews will air, and hopefully we can get some more in-sight on everything happening with Rachel’s career plans!! Stay tuned!

You can read up more on Wateraid by heading on over to there official website!

Media Vault

Hello Guys!!
I planned on launching this on my birthday, and i’m pretty sure alot of you have already found this but if not, Here’s the official announcement!! I have once again compiled a group of videos for live streaming, similiar to that of YouTube. You can register and post your own videos and it’s quick, easy and simple!!

Launch Video Vault