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I’d like to welcome you to the new version of RachelStevens.Com, I hope you guys enjoy our brand new look brought to us by courtesy of our good friend Stephen. Be sure to add us on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook!! Why? Because you love us?

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation recently posted a behind the scenes video (of Rachel) at a new Photoshoot for “Wear Red Day” (Which is February 24th for those interested). These are the first new pictures of Rachel in the new year, and my god she looks stunning in a variety of red dresses and outfits.

Captures / Other / Behind The Scenes / Photoshoot 003 – British Heart Foundation’s “Wear Red Day”

Rachel to Serve Food to Youth

Earlier this afternoon a PR company posted this on their Facebook.

Eek! So excited about our event next week at our client’s restaurant, Golden Union Fish Bar where Alexandra Burke, Rachel Stevens and Aldo Zilli will be serving Britain’s favourite meal to @centrepoint youths.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Leaving “Lost In Beauty” Party

Here go some new(ish) pictures of Rachel. They were taken on December 13, 2011 leaving the “Lost In Beauty” party on Primrose.

Candids / 2011 / Leaving “Lost In Beauty” Party


Rachel to front Relaunch of a new magazine

According to a recent tweet, Rachel will be the cover girl of the relaunch of Northwest Magazine, Here’s the tweet!

Re-launched February issue came in today with @MsRachelStevens on the cover – looking gorgeous as ever! Be sure to look out for it!

Hope new pictures and an interview are in store. Stay tunes for any further information

Credit: Bud

Shameless Self Promotion

I normally hate doing this but its a project of mine i’m actually kind of excited about. I’ve just launched a BRAND NEW website for X-Factor winners Little Mix. The site is still in the early stages and is growing, but i’d love for all you fans to check them out!! (Remember, Rachel was rooting for them in the X-Factor!!)

Shameless Self Promotion

I normally hate doing this but its a project of mine i’m actually kind of excited about. I’ve just launched a BRAND NEW website for X-Factor winners Little Mix. The site is still in the early stages and is growing, but i’d love for all you fans to check them out!! (Remember, Rachel was rooting for them in the X-Factor!!)

Rachel Returns

Rachel recently sat down for an interview with On Magazine. She speaks of her musical comeback, gives a little more detail than the ‘early stages’, her time in L.A., her movie career and of course, baby Amelie.

Rachel Stevens has been away for too long. Sure, the demands of motherhood quite legitimately expect full and devoted attention, but little Amelie’s gain has surely been the music industry’s loss … Thankfully, the ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ and ‘Some Girls’ singer is back – revived, revitalised, and looking as stunning as ever.

And this time, as well as the music, she carries with her some rather engaging research about the partying habits of the female population. But first, the music … “I’m in the studio again, and it feels brilliant to be back doing it,” she begins. “It feels like the right time. Music’s something I absolutely love. It makes me feel complete. But this time I’m changing things around a bit – a new sound, a bit of a departure from what I did before, and exciting times.”

The mum of one, regularly voted one of the sexiest women on the planet by FHM readers, toyed with the idea of an acting career, winning supporting roles in such intellectual fare as Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and ITV drama Susie Gold, and even uprooted herself to LA to pursue her on-screen dream. So are there any plans to step in front on the lens again?

“Nothing at the moment, but you never know. If something comes up, maybe, but I’m really busy with everything else going on, so it’s not my main priority. For the time being at least, I’m going to keep my focus in the studio.” She adds: “I loved my time out in LA, I didn’t do it solely for the purpose of my career; I just really fancied a change as well. I did go for lots of auditions and worked on my music, but nothing concrete came out of it. But give me the chance; I would jump at an opportunity to move out there again for a while. Maybe when Amelie’s older? The lifestyle is second to none.”

For the time being, Stevens – the face of the Baileys drink and their ‘Add a Little Something’ campaign – is busy encouraging women to have their girlfriends round for a fun night in. With going out becoming much more expensive, it’s a notion that sits nicely with newfound motherhood and the constant need for babysitters!

“Everything has changed so dramatically really,” she says. “Nothing could have prepared me for it. I’m up early every morning, and I’m not great at getting up early. At least I wasn’t before … I’m better now. We used to go out all the time at the drop of a hat but we can’t do that now. It takes so much forward planning. Everything changes. We’re responsible for this little person. But I’m in love with her, she’s such a great girl, so good, has never really cried, and makes it very easy for us. And we’ve great support from family about the area.

“But it’s been really interesting getting involved with the Baileys campaign as well. People are socialising in different ways than they used to. I’ve loved the drink for years, and was interested to hear that 73% of women never or only get together on special occasions for girly nights. I think the credit crunch has had a real effect on that, so we’re calling for girls to get involved in and inspired to be going out or staying in more – whatever, as long as they are enjoying themselves. Whatever we do in life, everyone needs a bit of a break.”

So while she’s out enjoying herself, Rachel’s putting on hold plans to extend the family?! “Amelie’s magical, and a delightful thing. At some point, yes, I love more kids, but right now, we’re happy with just the one extra mouth to feed!”

New Gallery Layout!

I’ve been talking about this for awhile, but due to some personal issues i’ve just now been able to get around to adding it. I’d like to introduce our brand spanking new gallery design. The design was done by Jack it features stills and promo’s from Rachel’s first music video ‘Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex’, It is visually the greatest gallery design I’ve had on this site in a very long time.

Rachel Talks About Being “Supermum”

Rachel recently did a new interview!! I’ve selected some questions below. I’ve provided a link to the full interview at the bottom!

MFM: How has your life changed since becoming mum to Amelie?
RS: Amelie has just turned 1 and she’s growing into such a funny, bubbly little girl. She’s changed my life completely but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was overwhelmed in the first three months but once I adjusted and got a good routine going, I loved it.

MFM: You’ve recently recorded a free-to-download ‘Tasty Tunes’ album with Ella’s Kitchen and performed at the Monkey Puzzle Nursery in South London. What was the motivation behind that?
RS: Funnily it was my best gig to date as the kids were lovely and got so involved. I love Ella’s Kitchen as a brand, what they stand for and I couldn’t resist doing something that helps parents who are trying to get their kids to eat more fruit and vegetables. A healthy lifestyle is essential to children’s growth, so working with the team to find a fun way to get them loving the good stuff will always get my support.

MFM: How do you find the time to stay fit and healthy?
RS: Amelie has me running around the house so that helps me to stay in shape, but just going for a power walk with the pram is good exercise. It’s a great solution if your short on time or don’t have the money right now to pay out for the gym. I also have an amazing trainer who I see three days a week, which I really appreciate as he keeps me motivated.

MFM: How have you balanced your family and your career?
RS: It’s all about getting the right childcare, having flexible hours and taking the time to adjust to it all. Work is important, as parents need to have their own identity.

MFM: What are your plans for you and Amelie in the future?
RS: Career wise, I am heading back into the studio. I’ve done a lot of one-off things but it’s so nice to go back to music. I’m also moving, so it’ll be nice to get settled with the family and just watch Amelie grow.

To read the full interview follow this link