Rachel Appears In Print in Movie GBF

September 26, 2014


Film this under random, a very observant fan spotted this. If you’re not familiar GBF (Gay Best Friend) was a movie released earlier this year. In one scene, the main character is sitting on the couch with his mother whilst speaking with her.

In the scene (Tannner) reading a magazine which is seemingly the same print as the magazine used in Hollywood 7 episode 3 “Public Relations”. You can see Rachel holding the magazine to the right, however it never shows the front of the magazine. In the movie you can clearly see it says “S Club 7 Scandal”.

How cool is that? Did you know the apartments used for L.A. 7 were also the same apartments used in the movie Romey And Michelle’s High School Reunion?

Rachel at Junior Fashion Awards

September 26, 2014

As previously announced Rachel went to judge at the annual Junior Fashion Awards, This is the fourth year Rachel has partaken in this event.

Below you can find a very brief interview with Rachel (and the other judges) about the show!

OFFICIAL: Rachel Becomes Ambassador for Dettol


Rachel will be collaborating with Dettol on a campaign to raise awareness of their Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser whilst also helping underprivileged children both here and abroad.

The campaign will encourage people to donate their baby blankets to Dettol, who will wash them using their product to ensure that they are hygienically clean, before distributing them to children who otherwise wouldn’t have the comfort of a blanket.

You can donate and share your favourite blanket memories and photos on Twitter @DettolBlanket using #sharethememories and for every blanket received, Dettol will also donate £1 to the charity, Sparks.

You can gather more information and donate on the Official website or
their Facebook.

Rachel’s ALS Challenge

August 27, 2014


Rachel has taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS is the American name for the condition usually referred to as motor neuron disease (MND) in the UK. Rachel has been nominated by fellow S Clubbers Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, and Bradley Mcintosh (Let the reunion rumors begin…..)

You can donate to the campaign in the UK and in the US.

“Come & Get It” Most Underrated Albums


Any news regarding Rachel’s music is worthy of a post, Recently Flavorwire compiled a (worldwide) list of the 20 Most underrated albums of the past 20 years, it’s of no surprise Rachel’s 2nd album Come and Get It gets a mention!

Remember S Club 7, the British pop group with a goofy sitcom that aired in America circa 2000? Well, first off, they were an actual band, and one of S Club’s female members — Rachel Stevens — went on to make one of the best dance-pop albums of the ’00s. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that, even in the UK, where Stevens is a sex symbol who spawned four Top 20 singles with Come and Get It alone. The album peaked at No. 28, despite the fact that it does everything right: not only is Come and Get It wildly consistent beyond its singles, but it hits the sweet spot between experimenting with new electronic techniques and production and still feeling familiar from a pop songwriting point of view. Goldfrapp circa Supernature meets Kylie Minogue circa Fever.

Released in 2005 following singles “Some Girls”, “Negotiate With Love”, “So Good”, and “I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)”. The album was previously listed as One of the 1,000 Albums You Have to listen to before you die.

Come and Get It was released via Polydor records on October 17, 2005, You can purchase the album via iTunes!

Rachel Join’s WaterAid’s #MeAsAGirl

Rachel, Wateraid Ambassador, mother, and more recently FHM’s Sexiest Women In The World has joined WaterAid’s #MeAsAGirl campaign. The article comes complete with a never before seen Childhood picture of our gorgeous Amelie Rachel!


A new WaterAid campaign, launching today, is asking women everywhere to post a childhood snap with the hashtag #MeAsAGirl, to raise awareness of the thousands of girls around the world who are suffering because they lack access to clean water.

The problems they endure aren’t limited to the obvious – lack of safe drinking water, personal hygiene and clean toilet facilities – but also have a direct link to education, as children spend their days trying to collect and carry clean water for their families, rather than going to school. The consequences of not having these basic services affect women and girls the most, as going to the toilet in the open leaves them vulnerable to violence and sexual assault.

“I’m supporting WaterAid’s To be a girl campaign as I believe all girls should be able to go to school and get an education,” Sarah Brown said today. “Too many girls around the world drop out of school because of the lack of somewhere private to go the toilet, or spend hours collecting water every day or have school sick days from drinking dirty water. No girl deserves to miss the chance to fulfil her potential because of lack of access to clean, safe water.”

Aiming to highlight the carefree childhoods that most people growing up in the UK have, WaterAid is aiming to also raise £1million to help bring safe, clean water and sanitation to over 130,000 girls around the world. Take a look through our gallery of celebrities above including Sarah Brown and Laura Whitmore (not to mention a few Marie Claire staffers) and start posting your own.

We will be re-tweeting everyone who shares their #MeAsAGirl pictures with us and WaterAid on Twitter and texts GIRLS to 70300 to donate £3. We will also update the gallery above with the best snaps.

Visit www.tobeagirl.org, to read stories from girls around the world and to find out more. Support the appeal by sharing a picture of #MeAsAGirl and text GIRLS to 70300 to donate £3 to WaterAid.

Ten Years of RachelStevens.Com


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago i was sitting at home, 15, putting the finishing touches on the website before the launch, but here we are.

RachelStevens.com is my longest relationship, and it’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments. I have spent many hours and some restless nights figuring the newest codes, designs, and content. I hope that over these past 10 years i have brought fans closer together in some way shape or form.

I genuinely love each and every one of the visitors that visits this website, you make it all worth while, I love seeing your tweets, comments, Facebook messages and every other form of communication i have with you, including the members of Rachel Junkie that have followed me forum to forum. You all have a very special place in my heart!

I want to thank Rachel. For the past 10+ years i have followed every aspect of your career, I have followed you out of S Club, into a solo scarlet, through Strictly, and now you being a mother. You are truly an inspiration to me and no words in the English language will ever be able to describe how much of an impact you have had on my life.

Above is a throw back to 2012, This is probably one of mine and Stephen’s favorite layouts. The picture is a never-before-seen outtake from Rachel’s 2003 Arena/Funkydory photoshoot.

And Finally…..

Rachel has taken the time to record a special video for me and the website that i am now going to share with you all.

Here’s to another Ten Years!!

WATCH NOW: Rachel on Lorraine

Below you can watch Rachel’s appearance on yesterday’s Lorraine.

Click Here To Watch The Video!!

NEW PHOTOS: Arriving/Leaving ITV Studios


I’ve added 29 HQ pictures of Rachel are Charlotte (I see you girl) leaving ITV Studio’s yesterday before and after filming Rachel’s interview on Lorraine.

Click the pictures above to proceed to our gallery!



And the day has come, Rachel is in the July 2014 edition of FHM, The magazine goes on sale today.

I’ve added some scans of Rachel’s sexiest shoot yet, which i will replace when i get a proper copy, but these will do for now. Click the image above to proceed to our gallery!

Additionally, i have added two HQ pictures from the shoot. Click Here to view them!