Out & About with Amelie

Here go some pictures of Rachel and baby Amelie from earlier today shopping on Primrose Hill!!

Candids / August 19, 2011 / Shopping on Primrose Hill with Amelie

Big Brother

August 19, 2011

The cast of the upcoming Big Brother series have been released, and Rachel, although rumored, does not appeared on the list. Here goes the confirmed cast for the upcoming season!

1. Amy Childs
2. Bobby Sabel
3. Darryn Lyons
4. Jedward
5. Kerry Katona
6. Lucien Laviscount
7. Paddy Doherty
8. Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff
9. Sally Bercow
10. Tara Reid

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World of Rachel -> Rachel Junkie

August 18, 2011

You know sometimes life really sucks. Three days ago our server went over capacity so to keep from the whole server going down they deleted (??!!!??) six websites from the server, World of Rachel happened to be one of them, no notice, no warning — nothing. I strongly considered giving up on the whole thing but the forums have become somewhat of a lifestyle. We’re not just all fan’s we’re friends, and family. So, i spent the greater half of the passed 4 hours managing to reupload and do an entire new forum.

To escape the date of what seems to be World of Rachel, i’ve decided to make the new forum named Rachel Junkie. This way a domain doesnt go to waste and i can rest easy knowing we can hopefully start with a clean slate. I’m sorry that all this has happened but, you still love Rachel anytime, anywhere right??! See what i did there??

See you after the jump (again i am terribly sorry!!!), The old domain should forward to the new one!!

Hello world!

August 16, 2011

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Rachel Opts Out For Some ‘Zany’ Trousers

She’s always been stylish, but Rachel Stevens can’t always be described as fashion-forward. But as she stepped out with daughter Amelie in London today, Rachel opted for some bold and bright patterned trousers. The 33-year-old star teamed the bottoms with a plain vest top and black jacket as she pushed her eight-month-old daughter along in her buggy. Rachel, who gave birth to Amelie, her first child with husband Alex Bourne, appears to have quickly adapted to being a mother and looked radiant on the day out. The former S Club 7 singer shed her pregnancy pounds fairly quickly after welcoming little Amelie into the world, and said in a recent interview it was with the help of a specialist trainer that she snapped back into shape. She said: ‘I started training again quite quickly because I was exercising with a great woman who was very sensitive to pregnancy. ‘She has trained a lot of pregnant women so she was very gentle. We did yoga and a lot of suspension and toning stuff, and a lot of walking.’ Rachel, who revealed she ‘would love to have more’ children, also said she can’t now imagine her life before Amelie. Talking about motherhood, Rachel explained: ‘It is literally like Christmas every morning! I remember my brother saying the same thing. ‘He has got two little girls, and I remember him saying that before I had Amelie. ‘It really is, when you see them for the first time in the morning, she wakes up and I hear her chatting away and she is singing away and its lovely!’ Rachel married husband Alex in August 2009, after postponing their wedding by almost a year due to her reality TV show commitments. The pretty brunette is one of the stars rumoured to be in the line-up of the new Celebrity Big Brother, although she has yet to comment on the reports.

Candids / August 11, 2011 / Walking Amelie out in London

New Pictures!! *Yay*

Here go some exclusive new pictures of Rachel, Alex, & baby Amelie (who’s covered up) out and about in London on July 23rd.

Candids / July 23, 2011 / Out & About with Alex & Amelie in London

People With Something in Common

August 7, 2011

See what i did there? Haha, Anyway. After a dark gloomy look for a while i figured a few weeks ago it was time for a new look, members of the boards agreed, and today i finally found time to actually do it. With special thanks to Bud for creating the banner i’m happy to announce that World of Rachel has a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW DESIGN. With over 850+ members its the largest group of Rachel fans anywhere. If you’re not a member we strongly encourage you to join and post. Catch up on all the new and old gossip, latest news and pictures long before any of the fansites get ahold of it. Simply click the screen shot above!!

Rachel Talks Motherhood

Rachel Recently Attended a Boots Baby event, she got interviewed by then, And we learn some exciting new things pretaining to Amelie’s birth!!

We recently caught up with Rachel Stevens at Boots’ Journey Through Motherhood event in London. As well as chatting to us about Boots’ fab baby products, and telling us what she uses on her own little girl, Amelie, nine months, (Boots’ Baby Sensitive range got a huge thumbs up!), Rachel spilled the beans on being a new mum…

Was a baby on the agenda as soon as you and your husband Alex got married?
We always knew that we wanted to have children, but I don’t know if it’s something you can really plan necessarily. We didn’t plan to do it straight away though. We were married for a year and then we started talking about it, and it kind of happened quickly!

What was it like when you got that positive test result?
It was just unbelievable! I didn’t think I was pregnant so there was no specific reason for me to do a test, I just thought I would! It must have been an instinct thing! Then it went positive and I remember almost running around the house – I didn’t know what to do with myself! It was so exciting, just crazy! I remember calling my husband and he was at work and I didn’t want to tell him over the phone so I waited all day and I got a call from him at 6pm saying he was running late, of course, on the one day when I wanted him to be on time!

Did you feel everything changed from that moment on?
We were just so excited! I remember Alex came home, and me telling him, and we were both a bit like ‘well, we don’t want to get too excited just in case’ – it wasn’t like one of those electronic tests, just the stick ones with lines, so we decided to do another one to make sure! We only did the two though – that was convincing enough for us! Then we went round to my mum and to Alex’s parents to tell them!

Did you enjoy your pregnancy?
I loved it. Loved being pregnant! I did feel quite sick in the first five months, but you kind of forget that in a way, and the rest of it was really fantastic. It all went really smoothly.

Did you have a birth plan?
I did, but I was also very open to the fact that nature was going to take its course. I wanted it to be as natural as possible, but I wanted drugs on standby, so my plan allowed me to be open and see what happened on the day.

And how was it?
Absolutely amazing! We spent most of the day at home and Alex was incredible! I remember we went to the park, went and had hot dogs in Regent’s Park and all the time Alex had the ‘contraction app’ on his iPhone which I think is brilliant for men because it means they can kind of feel like they are a bit involved! Every 5-10 minutes he would be looking at his phone and I would be bent over having a contraction! When we got home I had a bath and Alex made me lunch, and I felt all pampered, it was lovely. Then that day I actually had a consultant appointment anyway because we were a week before my due date, but by the time I got to see her, I was ready to go at 4cms dilated so I went straight to hospital.

So did you enjoy the actual labour?
It was an amazing experience, I am very lucky! We got into the room and rearranged it all and the hospital staff were absolutely brilliant. Alex made me CD of all my favourite music and made it as zen as possible, and then, when she was born I thought I had a boy! It’s all so overwhelming, that moment, it’s like a dream. Alex then said she was a little girl and I just burst into tears and brought her straight to my chest and it was the most amazing thing.

How were those first few days at home?
I went home too soon actually, she was born at 2am and we went home that night so I hadn’t had much sleep – shows your mind isn’t working, clearly! That first night at home was scary, really scary. I think in retrospect, if I’d had a good night’s sleep and gone home the following morning it would have been better. You have this little tiny thing that you are personally responsible for making all those little noises… it’s so scary. We had her in a Moses basket next to us and it kind of felt like a dream that first night, just crazy!

Did you have help at home?
Not for the first week, but then we had a night nurse who was an absolute God-send. It was amazing to have that support, because you just don’t know what you are doing. I have always been very maternal and I have always had an idea of what I wanted to do, but you can never prepare enough – you can read books but you can only read so much, and every baby is so different.

How long was it before you felt you were in a routine with Amelie?
I think 12 weeks, once she got to three months it was like, OK, I can breathe, I know what I am doing now!

What was the first big thing you did on your own with her?
Taking her out. She was born in November and it was freezing cold and the days were short and I remember the first day Alex went back to work – which I think for mums is one of the scariest times, when you are suddenly there on your own. So just getting out the house, for me, was scary, and getting the buggy up – I am not great at the best of times with things like that !

What is the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you in those early days?
Just to relax and breathe and know that it depends what you want. I was all about routine from the beginning because I wanted to be organised. Those first eight weeks you just sleep when the baby sleeps, and just kind of get to know each other. You have this new person in the world and you’re meeting them for the first time and your whole life changes. I really think it’s all a massive learning experience that you should relax through and enjoy.

And what about juggling work and motherhood? When did you first go back?
I think she was a few months, but I was doing very sporadic things, so would only be without her for a couple of hours. I started doing more when she was about three or four months old, and it is a real juggling act. I think I felt torn, but I am very lucky to have amazing support and what I do is not 9-5, but it is hard.

Were you under pressure to lose the baby weight when you went back to work?
Your body changes when you’ve had a baby and you change as a woman. It takes time to get your body back, probably at least about a year, once you have had your baby. I don’t think I felt any pressure, more a feeling of just feeling different. I have always been a real advocate of healthy eating, and the fact we all come in different shapes and sizes. It’s about being what is right for you and not being super skinny.

Did you work out?
I started training again quite quickly because I was exercising with a great woman who was very sensitive to pregnancy. She has trained a lot of pregnant women so she was very gentle. We did yoga and a lot of suspension and toning stuff, and a lot of walking.

Are you very aware of the paps when you do go?
I am aware of it. I’d rather not be sometimes, but where I live they are always there! Some days its fine, some days it’s not! Some days I just want to go to the shop and get some milk or whatever, but it comes with the territory.

So what is the absolute best thing for you about parenting?
It is literally like Christmas every morning! I remember my brother saying the same thing. He has got two little girls, and I remember him saying that before I had Amelie. It really is, when you see them for the first time in the morning, she wakes up and I hear her chatting away and she is singing away and its lovely!

Do you have plans for lots of brothers and sisters for her?
I would love to have more. I don’t know about lots and lots!

So no Posh Spice type plans for four or more?
I think two is lovely, but then you never know…

And if you did have more, would you go the celeby name route? Would, say, Harper Seven be a contender?!
It wouldn’t be on my list personally but she had to really didn’t she! I guess it is obviously very personal to them as Seven was his number. But only they could get away with it!

Public Apperances / Boots Journey Through Motherhood Event

Happy Anniversary!!

August 3, 2011

Today is Rachel & Alex’s two year wedding Anniversary. So a BIGGGGGGGG congratulations to them.

“Nothing In Common” Leak

July 30, 2011

Bud has discovered how Rachel’s leftover track ‘Nothing In Common’ leaked, the track was originally leaked by songwriter/producer Richard X back in March of 2011. It was put online for a total of an hour on March 11 from 11am-12pm, and then removed for whatever reason the track releaked early this month on sound cloud.