Rachel Will Not Be In Print Ad’s

November 2, 2011

Contrary to previous reports, Rachel will not be promoting Seven Seas in magazine ads. She was only used for radio interviews which we’ve been reporting over the period of the passed few days.

More Interviews….

October 31, 2011

Seven Seas has contacted me here goes a complete list of all the Radio interviews Rachel has conducted over the past week!!

Rachel conducted interviews last week for Magic FM, BBC Guernsey, Banbury Sound, Rutland FM, Total Star, Mercia, Dearne FM, The Wave, The Bee, BBC Stoke, Wave, Wish FM, KMFM, Entertainment News, Swansea Sound, Eagle and Radio City. Most went out last week and this.

New Interview!

October 30, 2011

Over the course of the coming weeks, Rachel will be doing a number of Radio interviews likely to promote Seven Seas, Here are the radio stations that Rachel has confirmed interviews with, I’m in the process of trying to get dates so you guys can all tune in and listen!!

Sunday, November 6th The Breakfast Show 96.4 : The Wave
Radio City 96.7
Banbury Sound 107.6

Keep checking back for more dates and radio appearances.

The New Magic Interview

Here’s Rachel’s new interview with Magic that ive been talking about!! Rachel discusses S Club, Amelie, Strictly, Her new deal with Seven Salts, Her orange skin while in Strictly, Alex, She talks about the “early” days of her studio and a tentative release for the album.

Jamie meets… Rachel Stevens by magic1054fm

Its actually a pretty cool interview!!

New Rachel Interview

October 26, 2011

Magic Presenter Jamie Edwards is doing an interview with Rachel today. Here’s a tweet for us.

Just got little interview lined up with her talking about fitness, feeling confident in your body … & Strictly!

What a Busy Day for Rachel

October 21, 2011

Well today has been a very confusing day for fans, After some twitter stalking we found out Rachel HAS BEEN in the recording studio, and has done a new photoshoot, I wonder why all the secrecy.

The photographer said the following

getting set to photograph Rachel Stevens….

Rachel Stevens was amazing and we had a fun little shoot!!

When asked what the photoshoot was for by Sexy Stevens the photographer said the following..

can’t say just yet im afraid

Now, also, another twitterer posted that Rachel was in the recording studio today here go their tweets!!

very exicited as 2moro I’m in a recording studio with a real pop star – or should I say recording artist – is that cooler? Any guesses who?

Off 2 the recording studio with my pop star friend, can honestly say I’ve never said that b4! #normaldayatwork

Fab day in the recording studio with @MsRachelStevens. Thanks Rachel for that amazing velvety, cuddly voice and your all day smile:)

I do not believe the two have anything in common, because for the simple fact the Photoshoot was wrapped around 12pm EST, and the recording studio was wrapped around 4pm EST but never the less, We can expect a new album from Rachel within the coming months. AND The person that went with Rachel to the studio is the creator of an organic baby food — you can view the official website for the baby food by clicking here!!

And more importantly you can follow Sexy Stevens on twitter@SexyStevens

Ronald Parisi addresses “Sucker Punch” leak

October 20, 2011

Song writer Ronald Parisi is addressing the recent instrumental leak of “Sucker Punch”.

Fans, I get it, you’re excited for a new song by one of your favorite artists, but by participating in leaking a song, or downloading a leaked song, or even by playing it, you are hurting that artist more than helping, especially leaks this early at time. So please, leave the sucker punch demo off youtube. Don’t send it to your friends. Take it off torrents, etc.

Lets please respect his work, and Rachel’s future in music and stop the sharing of this track.

Rachel Doesn’t Participate In The Zumba

October 18, 2011

Rachel Stevens was also there to support the breast cancer charities, but decided not to take part in the Zumba class.

She told Mail Online: ‘I’ve only ever tried Zumba in my living room at home with the video, but I’m just here to support the cause.’

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Visiting a Hair Dressers

October 17, 2011

Here go some new pictures from October 14th of Rachel visiting the hair dressers.

Candids / October 14, 2011 / Visiting a Hairdressers


October 16, 2011

Here go the pictures from today’s Zumbathon Rachel attended. She looks gorgeous!!

Public Appearances / October 16, 2011 / Zumbathon