Rachel on ITV’s Lorraine

June 4, 2014

Rachel Stevens Official has informed us that Rachel will be on Lorraine.

Tomorrow morning, Rachel will be back on our TV screens to discuss her latest accolade, being crowned FHM’s all time sexiest and life after giving birth to her second child, Minnie, just 10 weeks ago.

Tune in tomorrow morning from 8:30am on ITV 1.



I don’t think i saw this coming, but i am sure it is of no surprise to us all. Rachel has been voted the Sexiest Woman EVER to grace the covers of FHM

20 years. Over two thousand entrants. Millions of votes. But there could only ever be one winner. One woman who would rise above the rest like a glorious, sexy phoenix to be crowned the hottest woman in FHM 100 Sexiest’s 20-year history.

And that woman is… Rachel Stevens

The former S Club 7 starlet and pin-up legend has fought off the likes of 100 Sexiest double-winners Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole for the number one spot, without even topping the list before.

That being said, she’s been in the list 11 times, appeared on 8 FHM covers and has been the 100 Sexiest runner-up not once, not twice but thrice! And having a legitimate excuse to use the word ‘thrice’ in a sentence is already exciting enough…

So how do we celebrate such an outstanding achievement? Why, we put her on the cover of this very mag, of course! And filmed the 39 seconds of awesomeness you see at the top of the page.

And what did Rachel have to say about her big win?

“To win this award feels absolutely amazing. I’ve worked with FHM for the past decade and a half. I feel such a strong bond to the magazine and it’s so flattering to think that people think of me that way. It’s brilliant, the first cover I shot in 2000 was really exciting, because at that time we were really young – I was 22 – and we were so used to being all kiddy and sweet and nice; It was an opportunity to be a bit more grown up, to be more womanly and sexy.’

HM deputy editor Dan Jude said: ‘It’s fantastic to see Rachel take the number one spot. She’s been a part of FHM for 14 years now, and after all this time readers clearly still love her.’

Get the brand new issue of FHM, with a knee-slappingly sexy fold-out surprise, in the shops and on mobile devices from Thursday June 5.

Additionally watch this super hot behind the scenes video of Rachel on the Photoshoot.

WATCH NOW: Rachel Interviewed by OK

Rachel has always had a fantastic relationship with OK Magazine, most recently Rachel was interviewed by OK on the Red Carpet for The Butterfly Ball (which Rachel attended Thursday). In the brief interview Rachel has a scratchy voice but talks fondly of princess Minnie, and how Amelie is so in love with her. She talks about the late nights and even getting ready in the morning! More interesting is she’s already talking about coming back to work!! She said ‘some exciting things next month’.

What do you think the exciting new project is? New music? New movie? S Club reunion? Next (Summer/Swim Suit) Shoot? So many possibilities!



I am so excited to present to you the first Public Appearance pictures of Rachel not only post baby, but also the first of (hopefully many) of 2014! Rachel is looking absolutly amazing post baby, and considering she said she hasn’t begun working out again, this woman has the key to my heart! Flaw free…. really though! Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery. I will be adding pictures as i receive them so keep checking back!

Rachel Attending Butterfly Ball

Check out the latest blog from RachelStevensOfficial.com

It’s for a great cause, the annual Butterfly Ball for Caudwell Children, a charity that helps lots of young disabled children and their families by providing support, equipment, therapies and treatment to people who otherwise may not be able to afford the help they really need.

I became a patron of the charity when I first performed at the ball quite a few years ago and I was lucky enough to meet some of the incredible and brave children and families who they support. Last time I attended the ball I was very humbled, it raised huge amounts of money and I got the chance to meet more people that the charity helps, as well as those working hard to make this all happen on a daily basis.

So, it’s an absolute pleasure to be invited back again this year and I’m looking forward to being part of the event. Fingers crossed that they raise a huge amount on the night!

Whilst we’re preparing for what it is Rachel is going to wear, why not Check out pictures from 2009’s Butterfly Ball

Introducing Baby Minnie Bourne


I am so very excited to announce the unveiling of Miss Minnie Bourne. We have scans from today’s OK Magazine thanks to the always wonderful Lorna.

In the interview Rachel talks about the labor, and Amelie, plus the name selection. Click the picture above to proceed to our gallery and view the scans.

OK Magazine is on sale now in the UK! Pick yourself up a copy!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Having a Stroll In The Park


Earlier this week (May 07, 2014) the Stevens-Bourne clan took a stroll out in a Park near by their North London house. The two were once again extremely careful to not show baby Bourne. However, we do get to see the beautiful face of Miss Amelie who is looking more and more like her mother each and everyday! Click the picture above to see 27 HQ pictures from this family outing!!

A very special Thank You to Nicole for grabbing these pictures for me!

No Creep, No Peep (And A Whole Lotta Nothin’)

May 10, 2014

News has been slow since the birth of Miss Minnie. So i was scrounging up some news by searching the internet for any ole little thing. I came across this recent picture Richard X posted on his Twitter account.


The email listed above is an email from the manager for Annie Lennox, in the e-mail they claim Richard is busy with “Some Girls”, at first i was extremely excited about it thinking Richard was back in the studio with Rachel (you know after their Coffee Date!???!). Then i realized the email was from May of 2004, Seems Richard is a wee bit behind on his e-mails. Infact he pokes fun at them on his Twitter, Seems he also missed a chance to work with Lily Allen!

(Talk about #FlashbackFriday)

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NEW (OLD) PHOTOGRAPHS: Shopping in North London

With Rachel news moving a bit slow, i am happy to introduce some new Rachel candid’s from June of last year! There are only 2 pictures, and they are of our gorgeous Ms. Stevens shopping in North London.


We’ll take what we can get! Also be sure to check out the other 40,000 pictures we have to offer. And why not follow us on twitter RStevensCom, we’re doing a silly “Song of The Day” thing, so see if you can figure out which song i’m quoting!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: Introducing Minnie’s Stroller


I would like to apologize for the downtime earlier, all is fixed but anyway earlier this afternoon Rachel, Alex, Amelie, and Minnie went out and strolled North London in this almost-summer weather. While we don’t see the faces of Amelie or Minnie it is clear that they are the apple of their parents eye as Rachel adjusts the stroller visor to protect baby Minnie from the sun! This is a family photo for the books! Click the picture above to proceed to the gallery.

EDIT: I have added 20 HQ pictures!!