Comments / Site Updates and Such

September 10, 2010

For the longest I’ve wondered why a lot of websites require you to register for comments, Well i’ve discovered why!! The spam for comments is ridiculous. So in order to leave comments on new posts you must be a registered user. You can register under the log in form at the bottom of the side panel. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. But sign-up is literally 2 seconds long.

Secondly, i’m in the mists of updating pages around the site. If theres anything you’d like to see simply drop me at a line at!! Everything will be taken into consideration!!

New Layout!!

September 9, 2010

As i’m sure you can tell Sexy Stevens has a brand spanking new layout. This design was created by the person who did the last one (Natalie), and it features another of my favorite Rachel pictures!! I hope you like this design as much as she and i do. It’s probably the best design i’ve had on this site in a VERY long time!!

If you encounter any problems with the new design feel free to contact me!!

New Photographs – Grocery Shopping in London

September 7, 2010

Here go a new batch of Rachel candids from yesterday, Rachel was decked out in what seems to be very comfortable clothing as she gets some grocery’s in London. She looks amazing!!

Candids 2010 Grocery Shopping in London x4 HQ

Vote For Rachel in FHM Spain

September 5, 2010

Earlier this year, Rachel was featured in FHM Spain, and now Rachel is available to vote in FHM 100 Sexiest Woman – Spain Edition. You can vote by following the link!!

Vote for Rachel in FHM Spain
View Rachel’s 2010 FHM Spain Scans

Thanks to Edduf For bringing this my attention.

The French “Natural”

September 3, 2010

Blanica over at World of Rachel found the French version of “Natural”. “Natural” is not considered a cover as S Club’s version is the English adaption of the French version! It’s a great find and i never heard it so i figured i’d share!!

Tous Les Maux A’amour

New Photographs – Arriving at St. Johns Hospital

September 3, 2010

Rachel’s on top of her prenatal care. Here go some new candids of Rachel arriving at St. Johns Hospital earlier today. Rachel looks gorgeous, and still very much pregnant. It also seems her maxi dresses are getting a little to tight on top!!

Candids 2010 Arriving at St. Johns Hospital x12 HQ

Also, incase alot of you don’t visit the gallery, I do add old pictures that weren’t previously in the gallery. Such as candid’s, and captures. We currently host over 20,200+ pictures!!

New Photographs – Walking in London’s Centre

August 29, 2010

FINALLY, Some new Rachel pictures/news!! It’s about time!!

Rachel Stevens isn’t one to let pregnancy get in the way of her daily errands and the mother-to-be was out and about in central London today showing off her bump. The 32-year-old has turned pregnancy into her latest fashion accessory, by having one of the most stylish maternity wardrobes out.
The singer and actress has been a big fan of maxi dresses throughout her pregnancy and despite Britain’s summer coming to an end, that hasn’t stopped the star carrying on the trend. Despite the cool weather, she wore a floor-length floral halter-neck down Oxford Street along with her favourite tan oversized cardigan. Rachel was noticeably agitated by being spotted though and tried to hide under her large sunglasses and flowing hair. The consistently stylish star married actor Alex Bourne last year and announced her pregnancy in May. But the couple has decided to keep the sex of their baby a surprise so will have to wait until November to find out. She recently said: ‘Neither of us mind what we have but most people think that I’m having a girl, but I really don’t know.’
The Strictly Come Dancing star also admitted that she’s been giving into her cravings for margarita pizzas and Big Macs and loves her growing bump.
But despite her care-free diet, Rachel is still in tip top shape and is looking fit and healthy

Candids 2010 Walking in Central London x10 HQ

Rachel Sighting!!

August 27, 2010

Today, Rachel was spotted in H&M. Here’s the tweet!!

I saw Rachel Stevens in h&m today. She’s way too pretty.

Rachel’s Nail Polish

August 21, 2010

Six top celebs including Elle Macpherson, Jemma Kidd and Alexandra Burke have each chosen a shade of pink polish from Jessica’s nail polish collection to support Breast Cancer Care. Dame Kelly Holmes, Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon have all teamed up with Jessica nail polish to launch The Inspire Collection in October and raise awareness of breast cancer in the UK. From each specially chosen shade of pink polish purchased, £2 will be donated to Breast Cancer Care to help with expert information and skilled emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer. With 46,000 women diagnosed each year in the UK, there’s never been a better time to support the cause, and now you can do it while having fabulous nails!Retailing at £8.95 each, the gorgeous range of celebrity shades are available from October.

Rachel Sighting

August 20, 2010

Rachel was spotted in London at the Apple store the other day, Apple sells things like the Ipod, Ipad, Etc….

Rachel Stevens at Apple Store (Regent Street), London