Rachel Announced As Ambassador to Wateraid

Rachel is involved in yet another amazing charity.

WaterAid is delighted to announce Rachel Stevens as their official ambassador. The former S Club 7 and Strictly Come Dancing star has just returned from a trip to Ethiopia to see WaterAid’s work and will be working with us to raise awareness of global water and sanitation issues.

Rachel travelled to one of the poorest rural areas of Ethiopia and visited work in an urban slum in the capital, Addis Ababa. As part of her trip she visited school, family homes, local businesses and water sources to understand the issues that people face in getting access to safe water and sanitation. She spoke with members of the communities to hear their stories and saw for herself the difference that WaterAid brings to people’s lives.

Rachel said, “It was incredibly humbling to see how people carve out an existence, living in such poverty. I was welcomed so warmly by everyone I met, sharing their experiences and issues, many of them heart breaking, and all of them hopeful for change. Without WaterAid’s help people have no choice but to give their families and children dirty water, fully aware of the risk of illness or even death and sadly, the situation is widespread. Seeing people live in fear like that, looking into their eyes and feeling their despair is something I won’t ever forget.

Seeing the difference that WaterAid makes, transforming lives when there is easy access to safe water and proper toilets, is what made me want to work more closely with them and do more. With their help, families become more vibrant, happy and alive. Children have better health and enjoy their childhood and women can earn their own money, have independence and are valued. Seeing the impact that taking away choice, water and sanitation has on a community and the difference that WaterAid makes, makes me proud to be their ambassador and I will work closely with them to raise awareness of their vital work worldwide and to help fundraise”.

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