Rachel at Third Annual EATT At Golden Union

The Golden Union, a fish-and-chips shop in Soho, hosted the third annual EATT event last night, Wednesday 8th February, where food was served by celebrities to people in need. EATT, or Eat At The Table, is a unique event in which homeless young people from the charity Centrepoint had the opportunity to partake in warm, delicious fish, chips, pies and sausages in an atmosphere that was welcoming and enjoyable. Jessica Jane, Aldo Zilli, Allen Leech and Rachel Stevens at the Golden Union. Photo: Duncan McDermid Leading UK charity Centrepoint supports more than 1,200 young people in need (16-25) every year. According to Martyn Paré-Hall, relationship manager for Centrepoint, Golden Union approached them three years ago, offering to host a free fish-and-chip dinner. The event was so successful they decided to offer it again and it has become an annual event. “The Golden Union is very much a fit in terms of where we started and what we do to help the plight of homeless young people,” said Paré-Hall. Naima Fadell, one of the young people who enjoyed the food and atmosphere of the event, had high expectations for the night.

“This seems like a great event,” said Fadell. “It seems like a really good opportunity to meet people and see what’s going on.” Aldo Zilli, award winning celebrity chef and restauranteur, enjoyed being a part of the event and even revealed Michelin star chef’s tips to his fellow workers for the night.“We often say quite cynically in life that there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” said Paré-Hall, “well, actually this is, and isn’t that fantastic?” The EATT event was a success: smiles, good food and celebrity gossips was on the menu. When Rachel Stevens was asked by one of the youths if S-Club-7 had any plans to get back together she smiled and said she couldn’t comment. They would “have to wait and see” with a wink.

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