Rachel Stevens Dishes on her Thoughts for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Rachel is dishing on her thoughts for this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Rachel is chatting exclusively to BT.com and blogged for them.

Check out the interview below!

Who left too early and who’s the most entertaining star? The singer and former Strictly finalist reveals all…

It’d be safe to say Rachel Stevens knows a thing or two about Strictly Come Dancing.

The former S Club 7 singer currently holds the Strictly record for the most perfect-10s ever achieved on the show, and finished as runner-up on the 2008 series.

So we asked Rachel to give her Strictly verdict on this year’s bunch of celebrities, and here’s what she had to say…

Who she thinks left too early: “I think Laura had a lot more to give. It was a shame she left. But really, every week, even from the start, they were all such a good standard originally. Melvin, he was great too… it’s been hard to call this year. I think Laura, though, she was great and had more to give. I thought she would go further.”

Who’s improved the most: “I think Louise is lovely to watch, she’s got better and better. When I went into it, because I’d come from a pop background, people expect that you… it’s a totally different way of performing. Learning to perform in that way is quite difficult, and she’s doing such a brilliant job getting into character.”

Who’s been the most entertaining: “For entertainment value, Ed Balls is the best. From a dancing point of view, he’s not great technically, but he’s just so brilliant and he goes for it every time. Although actually, he can dance – it’s what the show’s about. Just having a laugh with it, and at the same time he really wants to get better as a dancer. He is pure entertainment.”

Who made the best couple: “I loved watching Greg and Natalie as a couple. Considering he’s never danced before, I thought he was just fantastic and really performed really well. But I think it was the fact he was in the dance off with Claudia. It depends who you’re in the dance off with and what dance you’re doing. Everything has to fit into place, and if you compare a quickstep to her jive, it was a lot more technical, it was hard to go up against that that week. If he’d gone up against someone else and another dance… but I loved his dance, I thought he was great.”

Who dances like a professional: “Danny Mac! He will definitely be in the final…”

Who she thinks will make the final: “I think that Louise and Danny will be in the final – and I hope Robert is. I’m backing him all the way. It could be anyone’s, though! It’s really hard to call it, they are all really, really good!”

Who was the most surprising: “It’s been such a brilliant standard this year. I mean, I won’t forget Robert when he first came out on his first dance, it was massive. I’m friends with Robert. I knew he could dance, but he came out with such a bang – he was like, ‘I’m here!’. It was brilliant.”

Her advice for the final six: “All you can do is take each week at a time, there’s always so much to learn and as the weeks go on you want it more and more. They’re all doing brilliantly and you can only do it in your own way.

“I’m speaking to Robert every week, we’re having a mid-week catch-up to see how he’s getting on. I know he’s got a rumba this week. It’s a good one but it’s a tricky one for the guys. Greg did a great rumba before… so my fingers are crossed for that.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues at 7pm on Saturday November 26 on BBC One.

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