Rachel Stevens Gives us Life in ‘The Voice’ Intro

The introduction to the finale of ‘The Voice of Ireland’ will give you life.

The video starts off with the male judges questioning which song they were going to sing for the finale of the show. ‘Reach’ by S Club was a contender as was ‘Ego’ by the Saturdays and ‘Chandelier’ by Sia and more iconically ‘Like A Prayer’ by Madonna. Each song had a special look from the judges and the selection from the group will defiantly make the entire show worth it.

The video ends with Una making the declaration of knowing which song they are singing where Rachel does her signature ‘Oh’, that we’ve all come to know and love.


The intro led into this performance.

Unfortunately neither members of #TeamRachel walked away with the crown, but i do believe that both contestants have a good chance of topping the charts in their own time!

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