Rachel Stevens joins X Factor, New Zealand

Former S Club 7 singer and Strictly Come Dancing star, Rachel Stevens, will be revealed as a guest judge on tonight and tomorrow’s X Factor, New Zealand (TV3), starring alongside All Saints’ judge Melanie Blatt.

Rachel arrived in New Zealand just a few weeks ago to surprise contestants in the ‘groups’ category when their mentor (Mel) was revealed to them along with Rachel to help her decide who to put through to live shows. Arriving in style, Rachel was flown by helicopter to the stunning judge’s retreatin Mahurangi, 40 miles north of Auckland, where the contestants eagerly awaited the news of who their mentor and guest judge were. After their excitement of being partnered with Mel, Rachel was revealed and the groups spontaneously burst into a medley of S Club songs.

S Club 7 sold over 14 million records, received two Brit Awards and their TV show was televised in 114 countries world wide.Rachel said; “This was my first visit back to New Zealand since we toured here as a band and it was lovely to see there’s still a lot of S Club love out there! I’m a huge X Factor fan and like lots of other people, Saturday nights are often spent ‘critiquing’ contestants from the sofa so it was great to be able to do it for real. Mel will be a fantastic mentor and has some great contestants in her team. I’ll be supporting her and the groups all the way and hope she has the winner!”

Rachel flew into New Zealand for a whirlwind 4 day trip before flying back to London and then to Paris to shoot the new A/W campaign for Next, who she continues to work with as the face of their Petite’s range.Rachel said; “It was an exciting week and great fun to be part of the show. I got quite nostalgic seeing the young bands enjoying themselves, creating new styles and sounds. It was lovely to be part of. I had a great time in S Club and know how much they’ve got to look forward to. Being back in New Zealand, albeit briefly was a pleasure and I’m excited for Mel and for the show.”

John McDonald, Co-Exec Producer of X Factor NZ said; “Rachel was the perfect addition to help Mel with her decision and she did a great job. Her feedback was incredibly valuable to the contestants and to Mel having been very successful in a band herself. Plus she was a natural in front of the camera.”

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