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Sure, we may have not sat down and had a drink with Rachel, but, in my head thats how these stories unfolded. A couple of months ago we asked you to submit questions, and we got some very great questions.

Without further ado….. here are the questions and answers from the legendary Ms. Rachel Stevens!

As a judge on ’The Voice of Ireland’ you were the only Judge to have 2 finalists in the finale, Sarah and Kieran, Looking back, would you have done anything differently with those two to help ensure the win?
I loved my first series on the show and to get two of my team into the final was something I was really proud of. Sarah and Kieran worked so hard and really deserved to be there. I don’t think I would have done anything differently, no, the guys were a pleasure to work with and made my first season really enjoyable and I think the fact that they went so far in the competition was a great achievement. This season my competitive streak is back with a bang and of course it would be great for a #TeamRachel win! It’s early days but I’m really pleased with how they’re all doing so fingers crossed.

Say your stranded on an island and you could only choose one ‘The Voice of Ireland’ co-host to inhabit this island with you for the rest of your life, which fellow coach would you choose, and why?
Of course I’d take Una! We have lots in common, she’s a really great girl and good fun – I think we’d make good sun bathing companions! 😉

Are there any S Club songs that you wish would’ve been released as a ‘come back’ single as a promotional effort for the re-release of the Greatest Hits album?
We were so lucky to have so many songs that resonate and evoke memories for us and for our fans so it was amazing to see that the Greatest Hits album went down so well. Don’t Stop Movin’ reminds me of a
really special time when things began to change for us as a band and Hello Friend is also one of my faves but not as well known as some of the other tracks that were released. The tour was always a celebration of everything we’d done so a comeback single wasn’t something that we’d talked about really.

The fan reaction for the ‘Bring It All Back’ tour brought a lot of people from a lot of countries around the world (myself included) would you have liked to tour other counties?
We were so fortunate to have been able to travel all over the world with the band. Our show was broadcast over 100 countries which introduced us to fans in lots of different continents and whilst it would have been great to take the tour further afield, getting 7 diaries together to make the UK tour work was a long time in the making in itself (!) We never dreamt it would have been as successful as it was and can’t thank all the fans enough for allowing us to be able to tour at all. To those people who flew in from overseas to see us, a huge thank you for coming. It was very special for us to be able to tour again in the UK, the place where it all started for us, and we were genuinely overwhelmed and surprised by the love out there for S Club. I saw lots of feedback on social media thanking us for doing the Bring It All Back tour but really, it’s us that should be thanking all our fans – it was as much fun for us as it was for all them and it felt very special to be able to relive all those memories with you again.

What was the funniest moment that happened behind the scenes of the Bring it all Back 2015 tour?
Ooooh, now that would be telling! But it was just like we hadn’t been apart – of course we got up to a few old tricks but hey, who wouldn’t!

“Come And Get It” turned TEN this year, what was it like hearing your album 10 years later?
I’ve had such amazing support over the last 10 years since the album was released and to see people reminiscing and talking about the album again when the anniversary was coming up, was lovely. I think the album still sounds quite fresh today and I’m proud of it and still love the tracks. When I listen to it, my mind goes back to memories of recording studios, video and photo shoots. We actually filmed the video for ‘I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)’ on the set of Bad Girls (an ITV prison Drama) which was fun. The set was very realistic and really helped us get into character. It was also one of the first times I’d filmed a really story lead video too and it gave me and my gorgeous girl dancers a chance to be a bit more feisty – which we loved. It really gets me thinking of people I worked with, personal moments for me outside of work, fun moments, nervous moments – it’s a soundtrack to what I was up to at the time and I love that music can do that to you. It was my second album as a solo artist so I’d been on my own for a little while by that point and was more confident as a solo performer. The team and I had all grown together through the first album and the onto the second so it was a brilliant time for me and everyone involved. We were all really proud of what we’d done with ‘Come And Get It’. I jumped at the chance to get down to We Love Pop to host a DJ night for an anniversary celebration and as a thank you to my fans. It was a really fun night! So a big thanks to everyone who was able to make it.

Which album track off “Come And Get It” would you liked to have seen released as a single?
Ooo that’s a really hard one! I’m very proud of the whole album and was lucky to work with an amazing team on it. I remember sitting in meetings with the record label, management and everyone involved in the album discussing which songs we thought should be released as singles. I had such a great team around me and there was a lot of debate about which tracks we’d choose. I was lucky to be in a position where there were a number of really strong single options – but it made the decision really tough! Crazy Boys was definitely a hot contender.

“Come And Get It” was announced as one of the 1,000 albums you have to listen to before you die, did you ever feel that your album would have this effect?
I know, wow! It is such an incredible accolade to have, to be amongst the most unbelievable albums of all time. I loved making it and couldn’t wait to share it when it was finished and I never thought it would have that effect.

I remember in an interview from YEARS ago, you said that “pop” has a dirty name associated with it, and you wanted to change that. What do you think Pop is like in 2016? Do you think there is room for a modern day Rachel Stevens in it?
Like a lot of things, I think music is cyclical but everyone loves a bit of pop – even if it’s a guilty pleasure! At the end of the day, a great song is always a great song! I’ve always been a huge pop fan – the first album I ever bought was Kylie, you can’t get much more pop than that! There are so many artists around at the moment and I’m having a real pop resurgence at home as my daughter Amelie is demanding that we play music all the time – she loves Megan Trainer, One Direction and Taylor Swift to name a few! So many smaller genres of music fit into ‘pop’ and it covers such a wide variety of artists too but I’m a big fan of Adele and Ed Sheeran and Years and Years did brilliant things for pop in 2015. I’m constantly updating my play lists and asking for new artist recommendations so let me know if you have any to add! I’d love to think there was room for a modern day Rachel Stevens – I don’t think the sound of the last album has dated much at all.

What would you say the proudest moment of your entire career has been?
That’s a tough one to call. I’ve had so many highlights throughout the years from the S Club days to my solo career and more recently. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to do so many different things from singing to acting and presenting and I’ve learned so much from some fantastic mentors and I’m really proud of everything that I’ve been able to do so rather than pick a proudest moment I thought maybe I would share a few special memories instead -some of them you’ll probably know, some you might not.

Although it wasn’t particularly glamorous, I have such fond memories of travelling to Sheffield every weekend to record the first ever S Club 7 album, everything was so new to us all and it was such an exciting time. We were working with incredible producers and writers on the album and we couldn’t wait to share everything we’d been working on. Another hugely proud moment for me was when we performed at Party In The Park – we’d just finished performing and were ready to go off when we were told live on stage, in front of thousands of people that Bring It All Back had made it to No. 1 in the charts(!) – we had no idea before we went on stage so it was such an incredible moment and amazing to be able to share it with so many of our fans. Winning a BRIT Award has to be up there! It’s not every day you get to meet the Queen either and that was something I’ll never forget. Doing my first solo performance on Top Of The Pops was really quite special too. On a totally different level, I can remember being invited to Prince’s house in LA for a private playback of his album with a really small group of people and thinking how lucky I was to be there. There have been special moments on tour – seeing all the fans sing along to our songs and a sea of happy faces in the arenas, to this year when Amelie came to watch which was incredible to be able to share it with her and all over again with family and friends who have been there since the beginning – it brought back so many memories for us all. I’ve also been fortunate to have been able to back and support some wonderful charity campaigns over the years and it makes me really proud that I’m able to play a small part in something that will make a difference to so many lives. Working with charities like Caudwell and WaterAid are a really important part of what I do and it remains something I’m still really passionate about. But the list is endless … I’m very lucky and grateful to have experienced so many things.

Do your daughters understand your career? Do you ever show them old videos or performances and say “look mommy was a pop star”?
Amelie loves S Club! She loves the music and dances around to the songs which is so lovely to see. Don’t Stop Movin’ came on the radio when we were on the school run the other week and Amelie wanted to wind down all of the windows so everyone could hear (haha!), she is so proud and she’s 5 now so is really starting to understand! Minnie loves music and dancing, but her favourite song is definitely still Uptown Funk! I need to work on that 😉

Alex, he is your childhood sweet heart, you have the definition of a perfect love story. After all these years, did you always know he was the one?
Ah, thank you. We first met when we were about 13 and at a youth club where were introduced by friends. We lost contact over the years and we were very lucky to find each other again – it feels like it was just meant to be.

What was your highlight of 2015?
Wow, what a question – and what a year! It was amazing to kick the year of with a last minute return to Strictly – I had to dust of my dancing shoes and once again get back into the swing of things with a new dance partner – the gorgeous Kevin. It was so strange to be back but amazing at the same time and what a fab way to start the year. Strictly really got me into great shape after Christmas too ;)… which was a great thing as 2015 was a crazily busy year for me, and involved a lot of juggling!

In any one week I could be flying to Ireland to mentor my team on The Voice, spending the day on a farm(!), having styling and production meetings, rushing to the airport to fly back to London to go straight into rehearsals for the Bring It All Back tour! Added to that I was hosted the Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball and even squeezed in a couple of really special family holidays – so 2015 was definitely all go! So I couldn’t possibly pick just one highlight!

What can fans look forward to in 2016?
We have lots to look forward to again (to be announced in due course!) but starting the year with The Voice will be the first thing to look out for and seeing #TeamRachel – we’re looking so strong and I’m feeling confident. Watch this space!

Finally, the question that was submitted the most from readers of RachelStevens.Com, what is the future of S Club 7?
To have been able to share those very special years again with everyone was just brilliant – a huge celebration of what we’d achieved together with our fans. We would never have said or imagined back when we went our separate ways that we would be touring again in 2015, so you never know what can happen in life.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?
Just a HUGE thank you for being so supportive of me over the years. It’s lovely to see you all when I’m on the road be it at The Voice, BIAB tour at Strictly or We Love Pop in November and I can’t thank you enough for all of your love. I wish each and every one of you a brilliant 2016.

Special thanks to Emma and Charlotte for putting this together and Rachel for doing it, this is definitely a highlight for me by doing this website!

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