Rachel Stevens for Bassetts Vitamins

Rachel is apparently the news spokesman for Bassetts Vitamins (You can find more information about their product by clicking here)

Over the past few days numerous Rachel appearances have been confirmed as Rachel does her PR rounds for the product, including television, radio, and magazine appearances. Here’s what we know so far!

Yesterday and Today, Rachel appeared on Sky News unfortunately as of yet, no videos have been released. Rachel also pre-recorded a handful of radio interviews scheduled to be released in the next few days – the only confirmed interview is tomorrow morning on Pulse (This thread will be updated with all media as it becomes available) but others will be released, and finally, Rachel appears in ‘Now’ magazine discussing the product, her life, and family.

Here is her radio interview from August 11 with Pulse Radio, more coming up

Check out images from the past few days and stay tuned for everything coming up. Keep an eye on our Twitter.

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