Rachel Stevens & Una Foden Set up Easter Weekend Play-Date during The Voice

Rachel recently sat down to discuss a weekend play-date between Amelie and Una’s daughter Aoife Belle. Rachel also discusses her media-driven rivalry between her and Una in the fashion department.

Rachel Stevens and Una Foden have become firm friends backstage on RTE’s The Voice – and this weekend their daughters are set for the ultimate playdate.

S Club 7 singer has been dividing her time between the RTE show – the live shows for which continue tonight – and rehearsals for her bands reunion in London.

But she plans to make Easter Sunday a family affair by bringing her two daughters Minnie (1) and Amelie (4) to the show along with her husband Alex Bourne.

Meanwhile, Una Foden’s husband Ben, who will also fly in for the weekend bringing the couples baby son Tafgh as well as daughter Aoife Belle.

Rachel said ‘It is going to be lovely. My daughter and Una’s are old enough to play together. We will have to be careful that the pair of them don’t stage-bomb us while during the show.. She has been at the S Club rehearsals and she was my Strictly Tour mascot and this weekend she will be my Voice mascot’.

Rachel (36) and Una (33) have been pitched in the media as fashion rivals but nothing could be further from the truth says Londoner Rachel.

‘I love the fashion element of the show’ she said. ‘but there is no real rivalry between Una and Me. I can’t tell you how much i admire her, because she has just had a baby and she is taking it in her stride’.

‘We have different body shapes and we have different styles so i don’t think we are in competition. In fact, i think we have a nice balance’.

They may not be in competition in the wardrobe stakes but on stage the contest very much rages on.

Each week Rachel and her fellow coaches have been voting off two thirds of their team.

Tonight will see the final cull and her team of nine will be reduced to three ahead of the quarter finals.

She said that the process was tough: ‘when you are in that situation where you have to send home acts you picked you feel horrible. But i have faith in my team and it is very mixed and i have to believe the right people went through’.

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