Rachel Stevens on The Voice’s Laura O’Conner “I’ve Been In Her Shoes”

The Voice of Ireland heads into it’s finale later tonight on RTE One, and Rachel has some things to say about her second season on the popular RTE show.

Rachel is enjoying this year on the show a bit more as she’s no longer the new girl.

And the stunning singer says she’s also more able to understand “the craic”.

With the standard of this year’s finalists, Rachel reckons anyone could come out the winner.

She said: “You just don’t know – that’s what’s exciting about being a coach on The Voice Of Ireland because you just can’t call it.

“Things change week by week and that’s what makes the show exciting.

“At this stage any of the finalists would be a worthy winner and they are all so different as well.

“I think it will come down to tonight’s performance really – it’s all about the song on the night – the performance and how they connect with the audience.”

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Rachel is now settled into her red chair and hopes she will be back on board next year.

She said: “It’s been great going into it not being the new girl any more.

“I know Una feels the same – we’ve got our feet under the table a bit and we’re feeling a bit more comfortable.

“And I get all the banter – I understand Bressie which is quite amazing.

“I have had a great time and I really enjoy it so I would definitely be open to coming back next year.”

Rachel is delighted that her finalist Laura O’Connor has managed to settle her nerves enough to show the public what she can do.

She said: “I am really proud of Laura, she has come so far. And last weekend before she went out she told me she knew she was going home that night and she was really prepared for it.

“So the shock on her face when she got through was great – she is loving it and she is growing each week and as a coach you can’t ask for more than that.”

Rachel has enjoyed fame herself as a member of S Club 7 and as a solo artist.

And she hopes those who entered The Voice this year and got through won’t give up on their singing dreams.

She said: “It is so hard to see someone going home – you do really get invested in them and it’s a horrible part of being on the show.

“I have been in their shoes too so I know what it feels like and it is horrible.

“But I try and instill in everyone that they have come this far and they should be proud of themselves.

“You can’t help but feel rejected but they should just take it on as a great experience and an amazing achievement.”

You can catch all of Laura’s performances, as well as watch the live stream on the left hand side on the news page.

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