Rachel Talks To “Next” About Shopping Habits


Recently, Rachel sat down to speak with ‘Next’ about the shopping habits of the very petite mom!

As a petite person, what’s the main thing you have to be mindful of when shopping?
“It’s really hard to find clothing that fits properly when you’re petite. The shoulder fit, arm length, under the armpit, across the back and leg length can often be problematic so the Petites range is perfect for me as it’s made to fit proportionately, with that in mind.”

Are there any styles/items you shouldn’t wear if you are petite?
“I find that structured and more fitted clothing is more flattering on my frame – too much fabric or patterns can be my nemesis, whereas structured outfits accentuate my curves give a sharper silhouette.”

Petites shouldn’t wear Maxi dresses – fact or myth?
“Myth! I love a maxi dress – they look great. They’re so easy to wear as you can dress them up or down easily, so they’re very versatile – in fact, when I was pregnant they came in handy then too!”

What are the main benefits of shopping from a collection specifically for petites?
“Because of the things I mentioned that sometimes don’t work on a none petites specific collection, often when you’re trying on you have to be able to use your imagination and picture how it will look once you’ve made alterations and that sometimes puts you off making a decision or it can add an additional cost. With a specific petites collection it fits like a glove straight away which means you can shop quickly too. I wore a dress for a shoot recently and the shoulders, length and everything was just perfect which is unheard of – and really nice!”

A lot of petite women feel the pressure to wear high heels, what’s your opinion?
“I think if your clothes fit you well you can interchange heels and flats and get away with it. I wear a lot of flats when I’m running around with my little girl, but I do like a heel. There’s something about a heel that makes you feel instantly ‘dressed’ and sexy.”

Which cut of jean is the most flattering for petites?
“I like skinny jeans and I’m also a fan of high waisted jeans which I think elongate your leg.”

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