RachelStevens.Com Turns Eleven!

Today my website, RachelStevens.com turns eleven years old. I remember when i started this website in in 2004, I had created a series of S Club related websites and something stuck out about this one in particular. There was something special.

For anyone who doesn’t know this website started out as Sexy Stevens, over the years we have moved around and fiddled around with different domains, and different designers and back in 2010 i was lucky enough to have been able to purchase this domain RachelStevens.com.

Although a long time friend, and designer to the website, Stephen became the exclusive designer and has become an even closer friend. The relationship he and I have built over the years pales in comparison to that of people i interact with on a daily basis. The amount of respect i have gained for him and his relentless dedication to making this website the best it could possibly be make this experience even more special.

To all of the other friends i have met over the years, there are FAR to many to name, but two names that stick out in my head right now are Saara and Lorna, the amount of support you two have given me whether it be advise, or a quick graphic, your friendship will remain with me for eternity. Saara and I will always share a special bond, we met Rachel together.

To all the fans and regular visitors of the website. I want to say thank you for all your kind words over the years. Without you it wouldn’t be as rewarding! A special shoutout to everyone who greeted me in Cardiff, your support overwhelmed me!

Lastly, none of this would be at all possible without the Lovely Miss Rachel Stevens. I have supported your career since i can even remember. There is nothing more in the world that i believe in than you. Meeting and interacting with you reassured my dedication to you! I love you eternally, and i appreciate all your support.

My words will never express how truly grateful i am to be able to run this website. Its legacy will hopefully outlive me (and for anyone wondering it has been placed in my living will!)

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