RachelStevens.Com’s Top 5 Favorite Moments of 2013

2013 has been filled with many amazing things, from the confirmed S Club talks, to the announcement of Baby #2 for Rachel & Alex, RachelStevens.com is proud to breakdown the top 5 favorite moments from 2013. We’ve scowered our archives to find the best of 2013 for you, and it was a hard decision, but we’ve narrowed it down!

Relaunch of RachelStevensOfficial.com
It’s been years in the making, but mid-2013, Rachel relaunched her official website. Every so often Rachel updates the website with blogs about various actives and even updates her Memories page, which includes pictures dating back to her S Club days, the page and idea have become a fan favorite. In addition to her official website Rachel has also taken to Facebook!

Rachel on Sunday Kitchen
In March, we met up with Rachel in the Kitchen on Sunday (Sunday’s Kitchen, JK). Rachel spoke about Wateraid and all the recent work she’d been doing at the time. She also took a brief moment to give us a look at her chopping skills. You can watch the video here!

Wateraid’s “Carry A Melon” Challenge
In September Wateraid challenged Rachel to carry a melon — And that she did. Rachel took Melon around (and for those wondering, that is what she referred to it as). She shared the melon’s journey with us on her Twitter page. No word on what actually happened to the melon when the challenge was over!! You can read about the challagne on Rachel’s official blog by clicking here

Mentoring on X-Factor NZ
Rachel shocked us all, when she was flown out to New Zealand to mentor along side Melanie Blatt on The X-Factor. Rachel has been a long supporter of the show and often follows progress on the UK Version. Rachel was honored to be invited out, and gladly accepted. Rachel gave kind feedback to performers. You can view Rachel’s official press release by clicking here and view the videos by clicking here!



The truth of the matter is, Next gave us the greatest gift any Rachel fan could hope or dream of. In January Rachel hit the ‘Next’ stage to launch the season and performed a live rendition of her first single “Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex”. Rachel went on to say “I sang LA Ex live for the first time in years and I was so nervous beforehand. But in the end it was just like riding a bike – you don’t do it for so long but it comes back to you immediately. “Singing and performing is my first love and it has definitely made me want to get back out there again.”!

We’d like to wish Rachel, Alex, Amelie, (and Bump), Charl and everyone at Monsta a very happy New Year! Mostly we’d like to thank all of our continued visitors and supporters of the website. Here’s to a fantastic 2014. I can hardly wait to see the new Baby Bourne <3

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