Watch Now: Rachel Stevens on ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ (August 23, 2017)

Rachel Stevens appears in the third episode of ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ that aired earlier tonight on BBC One. You can view Rachel’s episode on the official BBC website by clicking here within the United Kingdom. Alternatively, you can watch the entire episode below.

The second heat week sees five more celebrities enter the MasterChef kitchen. Battling for the crown are Olympic gold medallist Becky Adlington, pop star Rachel Stevens, actor Tyger Drew-Honey, performer and radio presenter Debbie McGee and Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin.

The first challenge is the Mystery Box, and the celebrities must use the given ingredients, including beef mince, pasta dough, ricotta cheese and pears, as well as a basic larder, to create one dish.
The celebrities are then split into two groups to take on the challenge of cooking in a restaurant kitchen, preparing dishes for paying customers. Becky, Tyger and Rachel are sent to M, a grill restaurant in the City of London, while Debbie and Dev are sent to Italian restaurant Margot in Covent Garden.
In the third and final test, the contestants are asked to prepare a two-course menu of their own design in just one hour. At the end of this test, one of the celebrities is sent home.

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