Watch Now: Rachel Stevens appears on ‘Matalan’

Rachel along side Loose Women star Andrea McLean join Denise on the sofa for this week’s episode of The Show to discuss their secrets to dress yourself happy and InStyle’s Maddie Spencer also shares her tips on how to dress comfy yet stylish.

Seeing Rachel in the interview chair and discussing fashion and things is so lovely to listen too! She looks fabulous! Be sure to check out Matalan’s website as you can get Rachel’s look!

Following her recent trip to Celebrity Masterchef, Rachel has said she is in the process of designing a childrens line of clothing! Keeping her young daughters Amelie and Minnie in mind!

Recently, the show has put up an additional web exclusive video of how Rachel pimps her Hot Chocolate, check out the video below!

Be sure to check out the promo shots from Rachel’s visit below!

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