We Met Rachel, And Here’s How It Went

So, I was lucky enough to be able to meet Rachel during the Meet & Greet during the Cardiff gig of the Bring It All Back Tour. Here is what happened from my eye!

I arrived in Cardiff on Sunday, and already there was a culture shock. I’d never been to the UK before, so experiencing it for the first time was a bit surreal. I was due to meet Saara (from Rachel-Stevens.Co.Uk the next day, so i had a day of exploring to do. So i saw what there was to see (including the inside of an HMV store where i bought 6 copies of “Best”).

Fast forward to Monday, around 4, Saara texted me that she had arrived and to come to her room, so i did. Usually I’m nervous when meeting new people because it kind of scares me, but i didn’t feel that with her. We’d been working together for over a decade to keep the Rachel \ S Club community live and kicking, so, it just felt like a friend i hadn’t seen in a very long time. She was absolutely gorgeous.

From there, we went on to explore a bit more and had dinner (i also discovered that ‘prawns’ are ‘scrimp’) – then we went back to our hotel chatted a bit and met up the next day. Before we left to explore the following morning, we attempted to pick up our tickets, but said that we had to wait until 4 at the main box-office. We shrugged it off and left – along with Saara’s friend Ana, we saw the bay and all the sights there was to see (far more than i even really realized were there!). The day was winding down, and it was almost time to get ready for our S Club Party!

Sara and I went out separate ways and got ready before meeting just before 4 to gather our tickets, When we finally arrive to do so, there was a bit of trouble getting my ticket because it wouldn’t be found. The reference number I had was not valid, my credit card couldn’t be found, and my name was non-existant. I was getting pretty nervous. Finally the young gentleman found my ticket, it had been mailed to me (in the states) and returned because postage wasn’t properly paid for.

So we que up to meet Rachel, there was about 20 of us to do so, we were all brought into a room and told how the evening was going to go. We were told about the USB (which as previously announced would only be released to VIP members) and how the pictures and Q&A would go. Then all of a sudden, the band was there. I never realized how they were all pretty much the same height. Everyone was in admiration of their favorites and I couldn’t look at anyone else except Rachel!

The way the band was arranged to where you could be in the center of all of them (next to Jo & Hannah) but I wasn’t having that. Saara and I decided to have our picture taken together, because they wouldn’t allow for 2 solos and then a group. So i walked up to them and ran straight for Rachel, ignoring Jon & Paul totally (sorry guys)! When i was standing next to Rachel, i began to pose for the picture before i whispered to her I’m Dale.

She turned to me in such excitement and thanked me for the website. Her smile was so big that it literally melted my heart! After the pictures they continued with the Q&A, the fans mainly asked stuff the band has already answered a million times, I asked one question and it was for each of them to tell us something about themselves we didn’t already know. The band agreed it was a good question, and laughed amongst themselves for a couple minutes but couldn’t come up with anything to say. After the next question started, Rachel said ‘That was a cheeky question’

After the Q&A finished, they were lined up to leave and were walking out as Rachel turned and walked back up to Saara and I, she once again thanked me for the website and gave me a big hug! Then walked out well after the rest of the band!

This was literally a child-hood dream come true. Between meeting Rachel and then meeting fans of the website on the street, I would say that the 8,000 mile journey was well worth it! I never thought i’d be standing in one place where there were so many people that could sing scream along to S Club the say way i could.

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making this trip possible. My husband Mark, Monsta, 19/XIX, Polydor, SMG, Big Sleep, Delta, KLM, Checkers Cars, Lorna (for updating the site), Saara, my dear friends Kenny and Christian and anybody else who was involved, if i’ve forgotten you please charge it to my head and not my heart!

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