World of Rachel -> Rachel Junkie

You know sometimes life really sucks. Three days ago our server went over capacity so to keep from the whole server going down they deleted (??!!!??) six websites from the server, World of Rachel happened to be one of them, no notice, no warning — nothing. I strongly considered giving up on the whole thing but the forums have become somewhat of a lifestyle. We’re not just all fan’s we’re friends, and family. So, i spent the greater half of the passed 4 hours managing to reupload and do an entire new forum.

To escape the date of what seems to be World of Rachel, i’ve decided to make the new forum named Rachel Junkie. This way a domain doesnt go to waste and i can rest easy knowing we can hopefully start with a clean slate. I’m sorry that all this has happened but, you still love Rachel anytime, anywhere right??! See what i did there??

See you after the jump (again i am terribly sorry!!!), The old domain should forward to the new one!!

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