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Rachel Stevens speaks to the Sunday Post ahead of “Rip It Up 70’s”

She took the polished routines of S Club 7 in her stride and set new records on Strictly.

Now Rachel Stevens is gearing up for her greatest dancing challenge.

She is taking to the stage for Rip It Up The 70s, the new show that’s following on from the amazing success of the 50s and 60s productions. Those tours sold over 100,000 tickets and went down so well they rounded off with a four-month run in London’s West End.

“It was a brilliant night but it was so full-on and so packed with routines that at the end my husband turned to me and just said, ‘Good luck!’”

The formula of the shows is brilliantly simple – get a lead cast of well-known faces to show off their dance skills to a soundtrack of some of the biggest hits of the decades.

This time round it’s toe-tapping tunes from the Bee Gees and Bowie, Queen and Elton John, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and many more that will be heading to venues all over the country, including Aberdeen, Perth, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Olympic gymnast and Strictly champion Louis Smith, Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton and former Blue singer Lee Ryan will join Rachel on stage each night.

Scary though it is, it’s a prospect she welcomes – as long as she gets herself in shape.

“I’ve wanted to do some kind of dance show ever since Strictly so I jumped at this when it came up,” confided Rachel, 41.

“I go to the gym anyway and I’ve got a trainer, so it’s really been a case of upping the cardio. My two little ones mean I’m always running around, but this is a different kind of energy.

“Although I’m not naturally a runner, I’ve been doing that more, as well as pilates and just eating healthily.”

Rachel, who’d been in S Club for five years between 1999 and 2003 and then followed it up with solo success, took part in Strictly in 2008.

She notched up more perfect 10s than anyone else at the time and made it all the way to the final with Vincent Simone, narrowly losing out to Tom Chambers.

She says the invitation to take part on Britain’s biggest TV show came at the perfect time.

“Being able to get on such an incredible show was an amazing thing,” she explains. “I’d done my solo stuff and then was living out in LA for a bit. This was the first TV thing I did when I got back from America.

“It was a massive challenge and an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. But it was the most nerve-wracking show I’ve ever done.

“No matter what background you’ve come from you are so out of your comfort zone. You come to care so much for your partner and just want to do well.”

Rachel married Alex a few months after Strictly and with the arrival of Amelie in 2010 and then Minnie is 2014, a different phase of her life beckoned.

While she has undertaken various projects, including a festive return to Strictly and a starring role on one of its sell-out stadium tours, motherhood has been her biggest happiness.

“It’s full-on and challenging but the girls are just incredible and bring so much joy,” said Rachel.

“They’re gorgeous and funny. The little one, Minnie, is hilarious and cracks me up every day.

“And I definitely think Amelie is going to be on the stage. Whenever I see her in a show I’m such a proud mama – I was crying at the last one.

“She is so passionate about her singing and music. When she is performing she lives every moment and is so expressive.

“I’m going to encourage her all the way. If that’s her passion, then I’m fully behind her.”

Like Amelie, Rachel grew up in a musical house, always singing with her hairbrush in front of the mirror like so many little girls.

“I didn’t really seek out a musical career. But I went to see Kylie when I was about 11 – it was my first concert – and I remember saying to my mum that was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

“I was in awe of it all and I used to put on my own little shows.”

Stage school wasn’t her way into the business but before she’d even turned 20 she was in S Club 7.

Formed by the Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, their own TV show in 1999 was the springboard to success that saw them have four number one UK singles and sell over 10 million albums worldwide.

But it was a crazy whirlwind that, as a teenager, could be hard to take in and stay on top of.

So, looking back two decades on, what advice would Rachel offer to her younger self?

“Travelling the world was an incredible experience but I’d tell myself to worry less.

“I’ve always been a bit of a worrier, even about the little things, so I’d advise not over-thinking everything.”

Turning 40 is a big deal for many and Rachel says she was no different when she reached the milestone in April 2018.

“I drag my birthdays out anyway but I really dragged that one out,” laughs Rachel. “I had a big party and we probably celebrated over about a month.”

Age – hopefully – brings wisdom, experience and perspective and Rachel can look back on lessons learned and attitudes changed.

“It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time as you grow, but I feel I definitely know myself more.

“At this time in my life I’m much more confident. We all have our insecurities but you learn how to deal with them better and work with what you’ve got.

“I’m just striving to be the best person, the best mum, best friend I can be.”

She may be a 40-something mum-of-two but Rachel is still in great shape, even more so with her Rip It Up regime.

Back in S Club’s heyday she regularly topped polls for her looks and just five years ago a lads’ mag voted her the sexiest woman of all time.

“I got rear of the year, another highlight of my career,” she says with a cheeky grin. “I went from doing kiddie bopper magazines to being told I was topping these polls.

“It was a shock and I took it all with a pinch of salt, but I very much enjoyed it. I’m going to ride on that forever!”

The tour starts on September 12 with Scots dates from October 11. Tickets at

Never say never on S Club 7 comeback

Fans were bereft when S Club 7 split in 2003 but they reunited in 2015 for their Bring It All Back arena tour.

Rachel insists that unlike other girl groups, there was no big fall out and getting back on stage after more than a decade was a thrill.

In fact, it’s something she would be happy to repeat should the opportunity arise.

“There’s a bond that we all still have,” says Rachel of her former bandmates, Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee, Paul Cattermole and Tina Barrett.

“We don’t speak often but we are definitely in touch. Everyone does their own thing – some of the guys still perform together – and we’re all scattered all over London but we certainly still speak.

“Things were very amicable and although we were all very different, we pretty much got on really well, other than annoying each other now and again like brothers and sisters do.

“S Club reunion talk bubbles up every now and again and I feel very proud of what we had, so why not? Never say never.

“I saw the Spice Girls when they toured and I think it’s brilliant to revisit those times.” Celebrates 15 years online!!

I am both saddened and overjoyed to be writing this post. On this date, fifteen years ago, this website opened its door as one of the many Rachel Stevens websites online. Over the years the competition faded, but our love and commitment to this community and Rachel remains strong! That is fifteen years of rumors, news, magazine spreads, promotional campaigns, reunion rumors, birthdays, and of course Tasty Tunes!

Over the last fifteen years, I have encountered many people from all walks of life. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting many fans during ‘Bring It All Back’ tour back in 2015, including my beloved Saara, and I look forward to meeting many of you again for Rip It Up this fall!! To each and every single fan of Rachel that has ever viewed this website, or any friend of mine that has visited with any glimpse of curiosity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart without your support this would never have been possible!

Now for some honorable mentions, first and foremost, Stephen, he has been my rock for many years and guided me through many pitfalls! I can honestly say I have gathered a true life-long friend in you, and I cannot wait to see what grumpy old men we will become together! My husband Mark, for listening to me talking about Rachel, and watching every music video, performance, or looking at any magazine spread I came across, if only everyone knew what you’ve had to endure for our time together. To Saara and Lorna, thank you for being so amazing with every interaction – I look forward to our time together come October!

Lastly, I would like to thank Rachel for instilling a sense of accomplishment in a seemingly otherwise unremarkable life!  I use this website as both a personal and professional accomplishment because I am so incredible proud of everything I have made this website to be!

Here’s to another fifteen years!!

Rachel Stevens pictured leaving ITV Studios

Yesterday morning, former S Clubber, Rachel Stevens appeared on ITV’s Lorraine to discuss her upcoming appearance on “Rip It Up: The 70s” which begins this September!

We have photos of Rachel as she leaves the ITV Studio following her appearance holding the dresses she selected to possibly wear (which she teased on her Instagram stories)

You can click the images above to proceed to our gallery, and be sure to check out the rest of our gallery hosting proudly 20,000 other photos spanning Rachel’s 20-year career!

Is Rachel coming to your city?

WATCH NOW: Rachel Stevens joins Lorraine to discuss “Rip It Up: The 70’s”

This morning, Rachel joined the couch over at ITV’s Lorraine to discuss her upcoming stint on “Rip It Up: The 70’s” as well as how she manages her children’s time on social media.

She also briefly discusses her FHM awards, as well as a potential an S Club reunion in the future! (We would love to see that, personally).

We would love for it to be known, that Rachel should perform her hit single “More More More” on Rip It Up because really….. it wouldn’t be fair not to. I mean look at how incredibly disco Rachel can be. Check out this classic clip for TOTP back in 2004!!

Is Rachel coming to your city?