Funkydory (2003)

“Funkydory” is the debut album from former S Clubber, Rachel Stevens. The album features the singles “Sweet Dreams My LA Ex” and “Funkydory”. The album peaked at #9 on the UK Albums Chart and became the 165 best selling album in the United Kingdom for 2003 and the 180th best selling album for 2004.


Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex

Funky Dory

Facts & Trivia

  • “BeSt: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7” was released on 03 June 2003. Rachel stated in interviews she took two weeks off and began work on her debut album. Rachel’s record deal was announced at the beginning of July, and officially released in September.
  • The imagery utilized for the album (and the ‘Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex’, and ‘Funkydory’ singles) were recycled from Rachel’s 2003 cover spread from Arena Magazine.
  • ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ was announced as the third single from this album, however, was scrapped in favor for ‘Some Girls’ and a rerelease of the album.