Funkydory (2004)

  • 01. Some Girls
  • 02. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex
  • 03. Funky Dory (Single Mix)
  • 04. Fools
  • 05. Breathe In Breathe Out (Swat-Team Version)
  • 06. Glide
  • 07. Heaven Has To Wait
  • 08. More More More
  • 09. Blue Afternoon
  • 10. I Got The Money
  • 11. Little Secret
  • 12. Solid
  • 13. Silk
  • 14. Some Girls (Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix)
B-Sides & Bonus Tracks:
  • Spin That Bottle (Appears on ‘Some Girls’)
  • Shoulda Thought of That (Appears on ‘More More More’)
  • Fools (Disney Version) (Appears on ‘More More More’
  • Knock On Wood (Appears on ‘Discomania’

“Funky Dory” is the reissue of Rachel’s debut album. The new version of the album features new imagery as well as the tracks “Some Girls” and “More More More” and the single version of “Funky Dory” and a new mix of “Breathe In, Breathe Out”.

Album Stats

Released: July 16, 2004
Recorded: June – August 2003 February 2004
Label: Polydor
Genre: Pop

Facts & Trivia

  • When Richard X gave Rachel “Some Girls”, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell locked herself in a car, This was later used as inspiration for a song called “Me Plus One” recorded by Annie.
  • The track “Breathe In, Breathe Out” was intended to be the third single from Funky Dory, however, “Some Girls” was released in it’s place.
  • ‘Funky Dory’ was the 118th best selling album of 2004.
  • “Fools” was re-recorded by Rachel for inclusion on the Disney soundtrack for “Princess Diaries 2”
  • Rachel recorded a version of the Amii Stewart classic ‘Knock on Wood’, which was not included on this album, it was however released on a compilation album ‘Discomania’


Some Girls

More More More

Production Credits

Some Girls

Written By: Richard X, Hannah Robinson
Produced By: Richard X

Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex

Written By: Cathy Dennis, C. Karlsson, P. Winnberg, H. Jonback
Produced By: Bloodshy & Avant

Funky Dory

Written By: M. Brammer, Guy Clark
Produced By: David Eriksen


Written By: A. Bagge, K. Poole, A. Brigisson
Produced By: Arnthor & Bag

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Written By: D. Thornqvist, R. Lofgren
Produced By: Stephen Lipson


Written By: Cathy Dennis, C. Karlsson, P. Winnberg, H. Jonback
Produced By: Bloodshy & Avant

Heaven Has To Wait

Written By: Cathy Dennis, A. Bagge, A. Briggson
Produced By: Arnthor & Bag

More More More

Written By: Gregg Diamond
Produced By: Quietmoney

Blue Afternoon

Written By: Yak Bondy, H. Korpi, M. Johansson
Produced By: Yak Bondy

I Got The Money

Written By: Ben Chapman, Martin Harrington, Lucie Silvas
Produced By: Ben Chapman, Martin Harrington

Little Secret

Written By:Cathy Dennis, Guy Chambers
Produced By: David Eriksen


Written By: David Eriksen, Lisa Greene, B. Pertersen-Overlier
Produced By: David Eriksen


Written By: Mike Penden, Lucie Silvas, T. Nicholls
Produced By: Mike Penden

Spin That Bottle

Written By: Ben Chapman, Lucie Silvas, Martin Harrington
Produced By: Ben Chapman

Shoulda Thought of That

Written By: Howard New, Lucie Silvas
Produced By: Howard New