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OUT NOW: S Club – These Are The Days

It has been 20 years and 2 months, or 7366 days (exactly) since S Club released their last single Say Goodbye. Today 26 July 2023 they return with a new bop released as a remembrance of the late Paul Cattermole.


We’ve typed up the lyrics (and then realized they were on the footer of the YouTube video…)

Sun is high
It’s the start of a long hot summer
And for you and I (yeah-e-yeah)
Hanging out with each other

Since the early days
Always been close when it mattered
Look how much we’ve changed
(Much we’ve changed)
Still so much to discover

And if someday we find
We ever have to say goodbye
(Ever have to say goodbye)
We’ll be running back these memories
To relive time after time

Cause these are the days of our lives
That we’ll always remember
Here’s to the craziest times
That we’ve been through together
These are the days
(These are the days)
These are the days we’ll always remmeber
(Oh-oh, oh-oh)

Who can say when the next day is find us
So lets do it all right now
With a picture to remind us

And if someday we find
We ever have to say goodbye
(Ever have to say goodbye)
Tomorrow don’t let me forget
The way I feel tonight

Cause these are the days of our lives
That we’ll always remmeber
Here’s to the craziest times
That we’ve been through together
These are the days
(These are the days)
These are the days we’ll always remmeber
(Oh-oh, oh-oh)

And even though we know things will change
We’ll all be back together someday

Cause these are the days of our lives
That we’ll always remmeber
Here’s to the craziest times
That we’ve been through together
These are the days
(These are the days)
These are the days we’ll always remmeber

These are the days (ah) hese are the days (oh)
These are the days we’ll always remember
Always remember, always remember
Always remember, always remember
Always remember
Always remember you

Paul Cattermole’s passing “brought us even closer” says Rachel Stevens

S Club revealed in an interview with The Sun that concerns grew when Paul stopped answering the phone and replying to messages as the reunited group planned their comeback.

The hit group was told the news in a late-night phone call.

It left Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee, Tina Barrett and Hannah Spearitt reeling.

Jo, 44, said: “Our management called. Me and Jon were the first to hear. It was about half past nine on Thursday night.

“I think I just went completely silent at first. It was awful.”

Jon, 41, revealed: “It was like someone had punched me in the stomach.”

Tina, 46, said: “I was at home with my son, we were just watching TV and I picked up the call.

“At first I was just like, ‘This isn’t real . . . it can’t be real. You’ve made a mistake’.

“I still can’t believe it’s real.”

Jo added: “It was horrendous. It was just a complete shock.”

Paul was found dead at his home in Dorset on April 6.

The news was announced the following day, Good Friday — with a coroner later stating it was due to “natural causes.”

In an exclusive first interview since the tragedy, the group told The Sun how they had made panicked phone calls to Paul in the hours before he was discovered.

They became worried when he stopped answering the phone and replying to messages.

Jon recalled: “We’d done a Zoom call with him, all of us, on the Monday. Then our management had messaged him a few times and it hadn’t shown that it’d been read on WhatsApp.

“So it was like, ‘Is he all right?’ But then it was like, ‘Yeah it’s Paul. You know, sometimes he doesn’t answer his phone’.

“Then the next day I phoned him and messaged him.

“Everyone was trying to get hold of him . . . and no one could.”

Seven weeks before Paul died, the group announced in The Sun that they were reuniting.

And three days before his passing they had all spoken of their plans for the future as a group.

S Club had already almost sold out a 15-date arena tour and were planning to record new music.

As S Club 7 they were one of the biggest groups of the late Nineties and early Noughties — with four UK No1 singles including Never Had A Dream Come True and Don’t Stop Movin’.

Today they return with their first single in 20 years called These Are The Days, and a tear-jerking music video in which they pay tribute to Paul by looking back at moments from their lives together.

Speaking about bonding over their grief, Rachel, 45 said: “It’s brought us even closer.”

Jo continued: “He was so excited about this reunion and so I think we’re all trying to make this as special as we possibly can.

“We all reflect on him with a smile on our face.

“The smiles have replaced the tears, in a really positive way.

“We just remember him for the goofy Paul that he always was.

“We’re always referencing him and he’s always part of everything that we’re doing, especially with the single, the video and the tour.

“He will always be around in some way, shape or form.”

Bradley, 41, explained: “His presence is so strong. It doesn’t feel like he’s gone. It feels like he’s still here. We miss him dearly, though.”

The group said they feel lucky that they were able to reconcile before his death, having not been in the same room for eight years until they reunited in February.

Rachel said: “To have that time together was really special. We all reconnected again as who we are now. Paul felt part of it. We all felt part of it.”

Jon said: “Moving forward, you realise life is too short. You never know what’s going to happen.

“So when you’re given an opportunity like this, you grab it and run with it. We’re going to push it as far as we can go because it’s a gift.”

But they are continuing without Hannah, 42, who pulled out of the reunion following Paul’s death.

She had dated him from 2001 to 2006 and they briefly rekindled their romance in 2015.

Speaking in April, Hannah said: “I don’t quite believe that it’s real. I still can’t believe I will never see him again.

“It’s all the more tragic because he was looking forward to the tour the most out of all of us. He just wanted to have fun and enjoy it.”

Asked about Hannah’s departure, Jon said: “I guess that’s a conversation for Hannah to have.

“She’s not going to be joining us on this tour but we’ve got loads of stuff that’s happening next year so the door is always open.

“She might join us on the project next year at some point.”

Tina added: “It’s nothing bad. It’s just that everyone needs their own space.”

They are continuing with the reunion in Paul’s memory and have renamed their forthcoming series of shows The Good Times Tour — a reference to a 2001 song on which Paul had lead vocals.

S Club has had the blessing of his family to continue.

Jon explained: “We were talking to his family quite a lot and we’ve been working very closely with them to make sure everything’s had their OK.

“We want to be very respectful towards his family. But they’re very private.”

The group also believe his spirit visited them on set while they shot the video to their new single.

Tina recalled: “We were all sat down and a butterfly came from nowhere. It was a really bright, beautiful butterfly which flew down and went off.

“I don’t know why, but I just thought, ‘That’s Paul’. It came from nowhere.”

Rachel added: “There’s little signs of Paul everywhere. On the video shoot, there was a vinyl coaster and it said ‘Good Times’ on it. That was his song.”

On their new single, Rachel said: “I think it’s got such a balance of everything that’s happened but also still positive and uplifting.

Jo continued: “It’s a celebration of everything we’ve achieved as a band and looking back on the past, as we move forward.”

They will kick off the tour in Manchester on October 12 and conceded that it will be emotional and there will be tears as they remember Paul.

But they promised their tour as a five-piece will still be a fun show for their fans.

Jo said: “We don’t want people to come to the tour and be sad. It’s more of how amazing he was and let’s celebrate.”

“These Are The Days” is out at 6AM on 26 July 2023, and Tickets for the S Club ‘Good Times’ tour are available now at SClub7.Co.Uk

S Club set to release new single “These Are The Days”

S Club, consisting of members Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, and of course our very own Rachel Stevens are set to release their first single in 20 years as tribute to their bandmate Paul Cattermole, who tragically passed away in April of this year.

The new song “These Are The Days”, penned by famed S Club writer Simon Ellis and his wife Johanne Ellis will be released Wednesday 26 July 2023 via Universal Records.

The music video will show the remaining members of the band reminiscing over Paul with a series of photos and video clips. An insider was quoted saying: “It is a beautiful slice of nostalgia and fans will instantly recognize it as S Club“.

It is about looking back at what an amazing man Paul was and the video was very emotional for them all, it celebrates his life and the amazing career S Club had

The track will be the first new release of S Club music since 2003’s double a-side “Say Goodbye” / “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You” which was released in conjunction with the bands Greatest Hits album “BeSt: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7”.

Over the past year, S Club has achieved chart success with vinyl releases of their third studio album “Sunshine” and the smash single “Don’t Stop Movin'”

Rachel Stevens teams up with Children in Need to combat food insecurity

Exciting news, our very own Rachel has teamed up with Children In Need to help combat food insecurity!

Rachel Stevens has launched a new BBC Children In Need campaign with supermarket Asda to help combat food insecurity during the school holidays following the cost-of-living crisis.

The Fuelling Potential campaign aims to support more than 100,000 children over the next three years, securing access to nutritious meals.

As part of the launch, BBC Children In Need have released findings from a new census-wide survey which highlights how children and parents are feeling in the lead-up to the summer holidays and about food insecurity.

The survey found a quarter of children are worrying at least once a week about having enough food to eat, while 63% of parents are concerned about putting food on the table.

As part of the campaign, Asda is extending its £1 meals to all children who visit the Asda cafe until the end of the year and half price adult meals from 3pm each day.

S Club 7 singer Stevens, 45, said: “It is so important that children and young people aren’t held back by food insecurity, which is why I’m delighted to be supporting BBC Children in Need and Asda’s Fuelling Potential campaign.

“Providing children with a positive start in life is key to their development and overall wellbeing, and ensuring their basic needs are met with a nutritious meal helps them to thrive.

“I’m calling on families, colleagues, and customers to get behind this campaign and help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people in local communities across the UK.”

The money raised through the Fuelling Potential campaign with Asda will go on to support more projects working to combat food insecurity, and forms part of Asda’s broader Better Starts campaign which aims to improve outcomes for five million young people in five years.

BBC Children In Need’s chief executive Simon Antrobus said: “We are enormously grateful to our longstanding partner, Asda, for their continued support and their commitment to making a difference to young lives.

“Over the next three years Fuelling Potential will help us support even more local charities and projects working to combat food insecurity in communities across the UK, helping more children and young people to thrive and be the best they can be.”

BBC Children In Need is currently funding 130 projects worth £6.6 million that support children and young people through food insecurity, it said.

This of course is not Rachel’s first campaign with Children In Need, in addition to releasing the official Children in Need singles with S Club 2000’s “Never Had A Dream Come True” and 2001’s “Have You Ever”, and famously reuniting in 2014, Rachel previously participated in the ‘Do Your Thing‘ campaign in 2017.

Rachel Stevens: “Since spending time in LA, I fell in love with coffee over ice”

Rachel Stevens has done a sit-down interview to correspond with statistics about bonding with your friends. She sits down with her good friend Nikki Glazer Hodge. Check our the interview below!

Singer Rachel Stevens has revealed that one of her favorite things in life – is having a good catch-up with her best friend.

The S Club 7 star sat down with her closest pal, Nikki Glazer Hodge, in new footage, to reminisce on good times shared together, and appreciate how special their friendship is.

The pair were seen chatting over a cold-brew coffee – after half of Brits (51%) revealed that getting together for coffee is their favorite way of spending quality time with friends.

Other popular bonding activities include going out for a meal (43%), or for a walk (46%).

And two-thirds (67%), of the 2,000 adults polled, believe that spending time with their closest companions is really beneficial for their mind, body, and soul.

Brits reckon that sitting down for a 25-minute chat with friends is as good for their mental wellbeing as a nice, relaxing bath, or a vigorous workout.

And 46% of those polled say they wish they could see their friends more often than they currently do.

The research was commissioned by plant-based beverage brand, Califia Farms, which partnered with Rachel Stevens and Nikki Glazer Hodge to promote its Cold Brew ready-to-drink range.

And it emerged that 41% prefer to catch up with friends in the comfort of their own homes, rather than venturing out to a café or bar.

Sophie Webb, from Califia Farms, said: “It’s great to see that Brits view their regular coffee catch-ups as important, and people consider it a top bonding experience to have with friends.

“We understand life is busy, and we all wish we just had a little more time to catch up with our friends.”

Summer is the perfect time to schedule plans with loved ones, as 56% feel the longer evenings allow greater opportunity to do this.

And 45% think this time of year allows them to host more at home – with having a picnic or barbeque (56%), and garden get-togethers (50%), also featuring.

With the rise of sobriety, 55% prefer to ditch the alcohol and connect with friends over a coffee – as it allows for richer conversation (34%), greater connection (31%), and is more cost beneficial (31%).

A quarter (24%) believe a one-hour, caffeine-fuelled catch-up is more valuable than an entire night out – with popular reasons including price (32%), convenience (30%), and noise levels (26%).

A sense of connection (67%), happiness (62%), and belonging (47%) are the top advantages of spending time with closest confidants, according to the study.

It also emerged 72% feel quality time spent talking is the most important part of get-togethers – compared to trying new experiences (14%), or “fancy” aesthetic surroundings (10%).

Rachel Stevens said: “Since spending time in LA, I fell in love with coffee over ice.

“Alongside chatting to Nikki, it’s one of my favourite things, and even when I don’t have a lot of time, I cherish our ritual of coffee and conversation at home.

“We block out time, make sure the children are entertained, and settle down in one of our houses so that we can sit back, relax, and have a good natter – it’s definitely quality over quantity for us.”

S Club 7 return to #1 with “Don’t Stop Movin”

S Club 7 - Don't Stop Movin'

Rachel’s band, S Club 7, officially released their chart-breaking ‘Don’t Stop Movin‘” on Vinyl for the very first time last week. The vinyl release was the first official release since the band announced their 25th Anniversary reunion celebration in February.

As of today, the release has officially hit #1 on the UK Vinyl Singles Chart, reemerging as the contender for #1 nearly 22 years after it initially topped the United Kingdom singles chart in April of 2001.

“Don’t Stop Movin’” was originally released on 23 April 2001 as the lead single from S Club’s third album “Sunshine”. The track, penned by Simon Ellis, Sheppard Solomon, and S Club 7 themselves, shows a more mature side from their previous efforts. The track sold in excess of 801,000 copies in the UK alone and hit the #1 position on two separate occasions in the UK, it even won the ‘Best British Single’ award at the 2022 BRIT awards. “Don’t Stop Movin'” also peaked at the top spot in Switzerland, Scotland, and Ireland.

This is not S Club’s first appearance in the charts in the past few years. The band’s third album “Sunshine” was released on vinyl last year in limited copies exclusively through HMV. The vinyl release managed to peak at #22 on the UK Vinyl’s Album Chart. Prior to that, a compilation album “Essential S Club 7” was released and peaked at #35 on the UK albums chart and #5 on the Scottish album charts, despite no promotion.

Remember folks, don’t stop moving to the S Club beat!!

Rachel Stevens discusses Rehearsals for S Club Tour with ‘Hello’

Rachel is the covergirl for ‘Hello Magazine’ where she discusses the upcoming ‘Good Times’ tour with her bandmates S Club.

Rachel is busier than ever, rehearsing for the S Club tour, which kicks off in autumn 2023.

“We have mixed emotions about our tour because of everything that happened with Paul,” Rachel says, referring to the tragic death of her bandmate Paul Cattermole. “One minute we’re really emotional and then we’re upbeat thinking of our memories, so it’s a mix.”

“It’s so great to be back dancing again, though, and my body just instantly responds so well,” Rachel shares, revealing that the band is working with a choreographer from L.A.

“It’s just so fun. It doesn’t feel like exercise and it’s so great to be back with everyone.”

Fans will be pleased to know the tour is set to be nostalgia-packed, with Rachel revealing that the band’s signature moves from back in the day will be included in the all-new routines.

“There has to be those signature moves because for us, this is all about nostalgia and we want to give little nods to the old days,” Rachel shared.

The tour isn’t the only thing keeping Rachel busy at the moment. She’s also recently joined Heart 00s as a guest presenter, taking to the airwaves for the first time as a host, which was a huge step out of her comfort zone.

“My first show on Heart was really out of my comfort zone but I absolutely love it,” Rachel told HELLO!, lighting up with happiness as she spoke about her challenge. “It’s such a great way of expressing yourself. Radio presenting is like you’re talking to a friend and it’s really lovely.

“It’s fun and I love music and I’m really starting to grow in confidence with it.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone is something that’s important to Rachel, who says that given the chance, she is prone to retreating into herself, but knows this isn’t good for her.

“I feel so lucky in my career to have the opportunity to always step out of my comfort zone. It does feel scary and it does feel uncomfortable, but I know I need to be out there doing stuff.”

On how she cheers herself up on low days, Rachel adds: “I’m getting much better at reaching out and sharing more. I tend to want to hide away, but I’ve realised that actually I do need to talk things out because I can get very in my head.

“Reaching out to someone I really trust and talking and expressing how I’m feeling has been so helpful for me.”

Speaking openly is something Rachel also encourages in her daughters, Amelie, 12, and Minnie, 9, who she shares with ex-husband Alex Bourne.

“Showing an interest in who they are and hearing them is how I encourage confidence in my daughters,” Rachel explained.

“Empathising with them and really listening to them is so important. Minnie came out of school upset recently, and naturally as a parent I wanted to protect her and tell her it was okay, but emphasising and telling her she was validated in her feelings diffused the whole situation and she felt totally calm.

“I think the more validated children feel, and the more heard they feel is key to confidence,” Rachel continued.

“I want to hear their opinions. I want to know what they love, what they don’t love, what they just make them feel heard.”

Her own confidence has been a work in progress, with Rachel sharing she’s had to fake it a lot throughout her career.

“Being famous so young really impacted my confidence,” she confided. “I joined the band when I was 19, and when you’re a teenager you’re trying to fit in, you’re trying to work everything out and I really didn’t know who I was at that point.

“A lot of the time I had to just switch on a smile. I actually got very good at putting on the show face and pushing down everything that was really going on. I think that’s what I really struggled with,” she said.

“I honestly think I’ve felt my most confidence in the last few years, from finding my voice and finding what I really need in my life and setting those boundaries.

“I’ve done so much growing in the last few years, more than any time in my life, but still, feeling confident is a work in progress. One day I feel confident and the next day I don’t, it’s so changeable all the time. I’m just constantly figuring it out.”

One thing Rachel has figured out is that when she’s feeling down, it’s time to step away from Instagram.

“We’re drawn to social media when we’re feeling low or down, and then you see everyone’s highlights, and I’ve realised I need to say to myself, ‘This isn’t making me feel good,’ and take a break.”

That said, Rachel has a devoted following on social media, who love her petite fashion recommendations and flawless, minimalist vibe. “Style is an expression and I’ve always loved that,” she said. “I love the way it can give you confidence.

“It’s like putting on your armour but it’s also fun. Fashion is creative, it’s an expression of who you are and I love to connect with my followers that way.”

With the tour months away, and exciting projects on the horizon, we can’t wait to see how Rachel will step out of her comfort zone next. With her eternally sunshine-y attitude, we’re certain she’ll be incredible at whatever she turns her hand to next.

Words by: Melanie Macleod
Photography By: Shane Taylor

Rachel Stevens pulls out of Mighty Hoopla, S Club move forward with planned tour

In the wake of the passing of former band mate, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens has withdrawn from her scheduled performances at ‘Mighty Hoopla’ On 3 June and 4 June.

She followed up the announcement with a personal message:

I am so incredibly sad and sorry to say that I have had to withdraw from Mighty Hoopla this year. I was beyond excited to be back on stage performing for you all but with a lot of thought and consideration since the tragic passing of my friend and bandmate Paul, it doesn’t feel right and just felt too soon. I will make it up to you and I promise that myself and the Hoopla team will make something work so that I can be back on that stage to celebrate with you all ❤️

Sending you all so much love xx

It was also announced earlier this week that the S Club tour dates for October will move forward and is being renamed ‘Good Times Tour‘. See the announcement below.

Mighty Hoopla Announces Rachel Stevens’ Stage Assignments

Mighty Hoopla has announced the stage assignments for their upcoming festival set to take place on 03 June and 04 June 2023 in Brockwell Park.

On Saturday 03 June 2023 the performers on the main stage will be Kelly Rowland, Kelis, Natasha Bedingfield, Aqua, RACHEL STEVENS and Flo. Tickets for this date are sold out.

On Sunday 04 June 2023 the performers on the Candy Crush stage will be Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Vengaboys, Lisa Scott-Lee, Snap!, RACHEL STEVENS A1, and Shola Ama. Tickets for the Sunday show are still available.

The performs are listed in the order in which they appear.

Though a setlist has not been announced (and probably will not be), Rachel has teased she may perform ‘Show Me Your Colours’ from S Club 7’s ‘Sunshine’ album. Her performance will obviously include hits such as “Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex” and “Some Girls”.

Let us know what you want to hear over on Twitter and be sure to follow us as we will be there and providing updates as they happen!

Rachel Stevens shares Emotional Message Following Passing of Bandmate Paul Cattermole

As we previously reported, Rachel’s fellow S Club 7 bandmate Paul Cattermole tragically passed away on 06 April 2023.

Rachel hosted her final “fill in” position on ‘This Is Heart 00’s” which has has been hosting for the past few weeks in place of former Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts.

Check out Rachel’s message that aired earlier today during her last show.

This follows a message posted to her Instagram earlier in the week.

Rachel was also photographed arriving at the studio earlier this week to record this show.

In Memoriam of Paul Cattermole

It has been a difficult few days in the S Club fandom as we received news that one of our seven has passed. It was reported on Friday that S Clubber Paul Cattermole was found unresponsive on 06 April 2023, at his home and passed away later in the afternoon.

The S Club 7 official website and social media’s posted the following message:

We are truly devastated by the passing of our brother Paul. There are no words to describe the deep sadness and loss we all feel. We were so lucky to have had him in our lives and are thankful for the amazing memories we have.

He will be so deeply missed by each and every one of us. We ask that you respect the privacy of his family and of the band at this time.

They followed up the message by stating that in lieu of flowers, the family is asking to donate to Paul’s childhood school the National Youth Music Theater.

On 11 April 2023, Rachel posted the following message on her Instagram:

During this difficult time, please keep the Cattermole family, the members of S Club 7, and all those close to Paul in your hearts.

If you would like to share your condolences, you can direct your e-mails to [email protected] and it will be shared with Paul’s family and friends by S Club’s management!

To remember Paul we’ve put together a collection of our favorite vocals from Paul’s time in S Club 7!

Rachel Stevens to guest host “This Is Heart 00s”

As we previously reported, Rachel is officially stepping in as guest host on Heart Radio’s “This is Heart 00s” hosted by former Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts.

“We are going to be turning up the feel good! Heart 00’s launched last year as a radio station dedicated to the music of the 00s, plays all the iconic noughties artists including Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, The Pussycat Dolls, Westlife, Sugababes and of course S Club 7”

You can catch Rachel on Heart 00’s from 4pm – 7pm 18 March 2023, 08 April 2023, and 15 April 2023.

S Club 7 to Appear in ‘Comic Relief’ Sketch

Rachel Stevens and S Club appear in Comic Relief sketch

Rachel Stevens, along with her bandmates from S Club 7 will appear in an upcoming Comic Relief sketch!

The band (that was down one member as Jon was sick on the date of filming) will appear in a sketch filmed specifically for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day which is set to air on 17 March 2023 on BBC.

The sketch is centered around what appears to be S Club (minus Jon) auditioning to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision competition. Jon’s absence may have been purposeful, as it is a Eurovision rule that an act may not have more than six performers on stage.

You can catch a glimpse of what is to come on 16 March 2023 on BBC in the clip uploaded to our socials earlier this week!

This is not the first time Rachel was part of Comic Relief, during her solo career, Rachel appeared sketch titled ‘Spider Plant Man‘ filmed for the 2005 Comic Relief.

S Club 7 sit down with “The Sun” following reunion announcement

S Club 7 have sat down for their first intervuew following the announcement of their reunion tour this fall.

Catch the interview below

S Club 7 are preparing to Bring It All Back by reuniting for a 25th anniversary tour — in a bid to “bring some positivity” to Britain.

Tonight they confirmed they will perform 11 shows in arenas across the UK and Ireland this October.

In their first print interview in eight years the group — left to right, above top, Hannah Spearritt, 41, Jon Lee, 40, Jo O’Meara, 43, Paul Cattermole, 45, Rachel Stevens, 44, Bradley McIntosh, 41, and Tina Barrett, 46 — admitted: “It’s been so depressing”.

Tina said: “Everything, every day. It’s like, what’s next? A zombie invasion? So we thought, let’s get S Club back together and bring some positivity back.”

Jo continued: “I think because it’s been 25 years, we all kind of knew. It was always going to happen again and it was just a matter of when.”

Rachel added: “People want nostalgia. They want to be taken back to those good times.

“It’s amazing to celebrate these things. It’s 25 years so I think the world needs a bit of joy.”

The group previously reunited for a tour in 2015 and now admit they could have regrouped sooner, except they couldn’t find Jon.

He said: “That’s why it’s taken so long to do this, they couldn’t find me.

“I was in India for three and a half years. I went travelling and then I found some dogs over there which I adopted and brought home.

“But I stayed there for a while.

“It’s such an incredible opportunity and when life throws something like that in front of you, you’d be mental not to take it.

“To do an arena tour is incredible anyway and this will be our fifth.”

In five years, from 1998 to 2003, they released four albums, performed three arena tours, won two Brit Awards, had a TV series and even made a feature-length film, Seeing Double.

But they believe they are now ready for their biggest challenge yet — Glastonbury Festival.

Recalling some of their own most memorable moments, Rachel said: “We got to be on stage with some amazing people. We performed with people like Paul McCartney, Brian May, Cliff Richard and Phil Collins.”

Jo continued: “We’ve been very lucky. But we need Glastonbury next. I’m going to manifest it. We need to do it.

“Can you imagine the whole of the Glastonbury crowd singing Reach? It would be pretty amazing.”

Paul added: “If you do talk to Emily Eavis, we want the Pyramid Stage please.”

The news of their reunion will mean their kids will get to see them live. Hannah said: “I realised today that between us we have seven kids. Isn’t that spooky? And it’s the same ratio of three boys and four girls.”

Rachel went on to say her daughter Amelie, 12, now wants to follow her path into pop. She explained: “There’s no question because she’s so passionate about it. It’s incredible to see her loving what she does and I’m fully behind her.”

On the reaction to the news of S Club 7’s reunion, Rachel recalled: “My daughter said, ‘Are you going to be famous again?’”

Hannah and Paul dated during the band’s original run and rekindled their romance during the 2015 reunion.

However, she is now with long-term partner Adam Thomas, 42, a fitness trainer.

The Sun revealed last month how the couple were left homeless at Christmas.

They had to live in a friend’s office with their two girls after they were asked for a “crazy” £6,000 up front for a short-term rental.

The group are yet to discuss the prospect of new music.

But they do want to explore other paths and hope to bring their famous CBBC series’ Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club to streaming services.

Rachel added: “There’s so many exciting things that we can do. We’ve got so much stuff from our history that we can put out there. It would be so nice to bring it to a new generation of people.”

Bradley also promised they will be performing a range of tracks live, as well as their greatest hits.

He said: “When we do tours we usually stick to the same songs — the most popular ones. But it would be nice to throw in some of our favourite album tracks as well.”

The S Club 7 Reunited tour kicks off at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena on October 13 with dates across the country, ending at London’s O2 Arena on October 28. Tickets on sale this Friday via Ticketmaster.

Source: The Sun