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WATCH NOW: Rachel Stevens on Week 3 of “Dancing on Ice”

Following an injury during training in December, Rachel has finally took center stage on ITV’s “Dancing on Ice” earlier tonight! In attendance was Rachel’s husband Alex and their daughters Amelie and Minnie.

Dancing along side partner Brendyn Hatfield Rachel performed her debut number “Lady Marmalade” by Patti LaBelle and did so with style, grace, and a certain Je ne sais quoi.

Unfortunately for Rachel, she was in the bottom two of this weeks competition ending with a score of 26.5. However, she redeemed herself during the skate-off against television presenter Ria Hebden performing “Need You Now” by Lady A and was saved for another week of ‘Dancing on Ice’

Tune in next week on ITV at 6PM.

Watch Now: Rachel Stevens & Brendyn Hatfield appear on ‘This Morning’

Ahead of their Dancing on Ice debut this weekend, partners Rachel and Brendyn Hatfield appeared on ‘This Morning’ to discuss all things Dancing on Ice.

Check out the interview below

As previously mentioned, Rachel will dancing to Patti Labelle’s version of ‘Lady Marmalade’ from Moulin Rouge. Be sure to catch ‘Dancing on Ice’ this Sunday!

Rachel Stevens to make ‘Dancing on Ice’ debut following Injury

Last week it was announced Rachel would not partake in this weekend’s episode of Dancing on Ice due to an injury Rachel sustained during her training for the show.

On tonight’s episode, which saw Ben Foden leave the show, it was announced Rachel is cleared to return on next weekends episode, where they will dance to songs from their favorite movies. Rachel will be performing Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge (Rachel also performed the song during “Rip it Up: The 70’s”)

Speaking to host Holly Willoughby: “It’s healed really well thankfully. We are back on the ice next week.”

Tune in next week when Rachel makes her dancing on ice premier on ITV

Rachel Stevens reveals her daughters put ‘serious pressure’ on her for ‘Dancing on Ice’ participation

Rachel Stevens has revealed that her two children have put “serious pressure” on her to do well on Dancing on Ice.

The former S Club 7 star has been forced to pull out of Sunday’s live show due to a wrist injury she sustained after falling on the ice back in December.

Speaking at a recent press event, Rachel told HELLO! and other journalists that her two daughters, Amelie, 11, and Minnie, 7, are “so excited” about her having joined the skating show.

When asked if her children were a big part of her decision to sign up for the ITV show, she said: “Definitely. This is the first time, because my oldest is 11 and Minnie is seven, so it’s the first time that I’ve done anything that they can really come to and be a part of. They watched on Sunday night and they are so excited now.

“Now that it’s really tangible and they can see it and they’re getting to know everyone and getting their favourites, but they were putting serious pressure on me. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, tough crowd,'” she joked.

At the same press event, the singer also revealed that sustaining the injury has been both “scary” and “frustrating”. She said: “It’s definitely been scary. I mean, this happened at the beginning of December. So once I knew what had happened, I was just so grateful that I knew I could stay in the show and still be a part of it. But it’s definitely been a process and I’ve had my wobbles for sure.”

She continued: “It’s been frustrating and scary, but at the same time, Brendan [Hatfield] has been so amazing and the team around me have been so supportive and I’ve had amazing medical advice and support.

“We’ve just done everything we can off the ice, like working on core strength and stamina and balance and all of those things. Just making the best of what we’ve got and working so hard so fingers crossed when I get back on I can just give it my everything and go for it,” she added.

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Ben Foden titles Rachel Stevens to be “Sexiest Woman Alive”, apologizes.

Ben Foden has come under fire for a comment he made about his Dancing on Ice co-star Rachel Stevens being the “sexiest woman in the world” just days after his wife, Jackie, said she was not worried about him cheating on her.

At a press conference, Rachel was asked what she has over other contestants that could help her win the show.

“It’s such a fun, amazing show. I just want to go in and do the best I can,” she said. “Ultimately you have to bring yourself and have fun.

“You’re putting on a show. That’s what is so special. We’re all bringing something different and our own unique thing.”

Ben responded: “That – and you’re the sexiest woman in the world, Rachel.”

Taking to Instagram, the 36-year-old clarified what he really meant by the comment.

“Just want to address something the red tops have been printing today about me referring to Rachel as the sexiest woman in the world,” he said.

“We were in an interview, and someone asked Rachel, ‘how do you carry around the weight of being the sexiest woman in the world?’

“And then later on, another reporter asked Rachel, ‘what do you have over other competitors in the competition?’ Obviously Rachel was very respectful and modest and I threw in at the end, ‘oh don’t forget you’re the sexiest woman in the world.’”

“Obviously they’ve taken that and written a headline, and made it something it’s absolutely not…”

“Sorry Rach – my foot in my mouth as usual. Obviously Jackie is my sexiest woman in the world, she gets my vote every time.”

The rugby player went on to thank fans for sending messages of support.

He also issued a message to those leaving negative comments about his relationship, saying: “If it makes you feel better and you feel better about yourself for doing it then I’m all for it, I can take it, I’m a big boy, but please leave my friends and my family alone.”

Ben was previously married to The Saturdays’ singer Una Healy, whom he was unfaithful to. He married his new wife Jackie on the day their divorce was finalized, after dating her for just two weeks.

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Rachel Stevens Injured during ‘Dancing on Ice’ Practice

Unfortunately, Rachel has been forced to withdraw from this week’s Dancing on Ice episode due to a wrist fracture sustained during practice!

The news was announced via Twitter by the Dancing on Ice Twitter page

While Rachel is recovering, there is hope she will be able to return the following week on 30 January.

UPDATE: Rachel has spoken regarding her injury stating: “I’ve got a meeting with the consultant this week so fingers crossed as soon as I get the all clear I can go back on the ice. It is so frustrating but you know what, these things happen and it’s the risk you take.”

She added: “I fractured my wrist at the beginning of December. I didn’t realise I had done it at the time. Healing time for a fractured wrist is 6 weeks really so I’ve just been following the advice of the medics and doing all the advice they’ve told me to do to keep it strong.”

UPDATE #2: Rachel has released a more detailed statement: “I mean, this happened at the beginning of December,” she explained. “So, once I knew what had happened, I was just so grateful that I knew I could stay in the show and still be a part of it. But it’s definitely been a process, and I’ve had my wobbles for sure. Because, you know, when I take on something, I want to give it my everything and really go for it, and I really care about doing the best I can.

“So yeah, it’s been frustrating and scary, but at the same time, Brendan has been so amazing and the team around me have been so supportive and I’ve had amazing advice, medical advice and support. And we’ve just done everything we can off ice… to do everything we can, like working on core strength, and stamina and balance and all of those things. Just making the best of what we’ve got and working so hard that, fingers crossed, when I get back on I can just give it my everything and go for it.”

She went on: “I actually wasn’t with [partner Brendyn Hatfield] at the time, I was with my coach. This was a couple of weeks before Christmas. And yeah, I mean, I fell quite a few times, obviously as you do, though trying to push yourself and was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and yeah, I just fell and it hurt.

“Obviously, I didn’t know what I’d done, but after that I had an incredible support, went and got an x-ray done and I’ve had amazing medical advice from the team. This is healing really, really well. I’m just so grateful to still be able to be in it to be a part of it and we’re working super, super hard off ice so that, fingers crossed, I can get on really, really soon. I just can’t wait. I cannot wait to get back on.”

Source for Update #1: Mirror

Source for Update #2: MSN

Rachel Stevens Dishes on her “Dancing on Ice” Training

Earlier this week Rachel Stevens attended Pride of Britain awards sporting a piece from her new collection with Oasis.

On the red carpet Rachel spoke with OK Magazine regarding her training for her upcoming stint on ITV’s “Dancing On Ice” set to premiere in January.

Rachel Stevens has proudly revealed she hasn’t yet fallen over during the gruelling training process for Dancing On Ice, which she will star on next January.

The 43 year old will star on the next series of the hit ITV skating show alongside fellow famous faces Liberty Poole, Sally Dynevor and Ben Foden.

Former S Club 7 star Rachel attended Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain awards at the weekend, speaking exclusively to OK! on the red carpet.

Discussing training for the show, Rachel said: “It’s so exciting but it’s so hard. I’ve not fallen over yet, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

“I’ve not met the rest of the cast yet, I’ve met Bez and I’ve met Stef [Reid] but apart from that, nobody. We’ll all be getting together soon so I’m really looking forward to that.”

She continued: “I’m looking forward to so much [about the experience], just getting to be able to skate so I can chase the kids this Christmas.

Last month, Rachel spoke out against claims she has an “advantage” on the show, slamming them as “unfair”.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “It’s unfair. They said the same thing when I did Strictly.

“I’m not a trained dancer so going into that was totally out of my comfort zone and a different way of performing.

“Now add the ice element to it and it’s a whole new ball game.”

Rachel Stevens on ‘Talk Radio’ with Nikki Glazer Hodge & Robbie Rinder

Following the launch party for ‘Oasis by Rachel Stevens’ last night Rachel has done a string of press appearances ahead of the official launch on Monday 25 October.

Check out the excerpt from Rachel’s interview with Robbie Rinder and Nikki Glazer Hodge where the trio discuss radio presenter Steve Allen has caused controversy for fat-shaming Strictly star Tilly Ramsay.

Check out the brief bit from the interview below!

Additional promotional should be coming out in the coming days!

Rachel Stevens dishes on ‘Dancing on Ice’

At the launch for her new collection with Oasis by Rachel Stevens, Rachel exclusively spoke with The Sun on her competition on the upcoming season of ITV’s Dancing on Ice where she determined who she think will win the series!

Check out the interview below!

Dancing on Ice star Rachel Stevens has revealed that Strictly’s Brendan Cole is already “throwing himself around” on the ice after only FOUR days of training.

Rachel, who has launched her own fashion collection with Oasis, said that she is very “competitive” and believes she could go all the way and win the ITV show.

The pop star, 43, has lifted the lid on some of the celebrities who may be her biggest competition.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she said: “I’ve been catching bits and bobs on Instagram of the other celebrities.

“Brendan Cole is throwing himself around the ice. But I think it’s early days for everyone.”

Rachel, who is swapping her dance shoes for ice skates, said that Pussycat Doll’s Kimberly Wyatt will also impress us with her moves.

“You know who is going to be amazing…Kimberly Wyatt. She is an incredible dancer and skater,” she teased.

The S Club 7 star is no stranger to showing off her competitive side, thanks to her time on Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and Masterchef in 2017.

When asked if she’ll be taking home the Dancing on Ice trophy, she replied: “Yeah, why not. I am definitely competitive.”

The mum-of-two, who is married to 44-year-old film producer Alex Bourne, said she is thrilled for daughters Amelie, ten, and seven-year-old Minnie to see her skate.

“I did Strictly, I hadn’t really thought about it and then I got approached to do it [Dancing on Ice] and it felt like the right time,” she continued.

“My girls are 10 and 7 and now they can be more a part of it.

“And it’s just an opportunity to learn a new skill, I was ready to learn something new and something to get your teeth into.”

Rachel revealed that training started four days but she has a long way to go before she’s doing any backflips of her own.

“Literally every time I get on the ice it feel like the first time.

“I’m still learning from the bottom up, but come back to me in a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll be bruised and battered for sure.”

Rachel shot to fame as a member of S Club 7 between 1999 and 2003 with hits including Reach for the Stars and Don’t Stop Moving.

But after the band split, Rachel went on to enjoy a successful solo career with chart-toppers including Sweet Dreams My LA Ex and Funky Dory.

A TV insider said: “She brings with her a huge fanbase from her days in S Club 7 and as an artist in her own right.

“Plus Rachel looks stunning and will look absolutely sensational on the ice – plus she has experience of dancing both in her pop career and afterwards.”

In 2008 she was a competitor on Strictly Come Dancing, finishing in second place with her pro partner, Vincent Simone.

Taking part in the BBC1 contest saw her postpone her wedding to boyfriend Alex Bourne, though they married in 2009 and the couple have two daughters.

Rachel will also be joined by 11 other celebrities including Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, Love Island’s Liberty Poole and Rugby ace Ben Foden.

The noughties superstar looked sensational last night in a black satin dress and velvet block heels at her Oasis launch party.

Rachel has designed into every piece, creating two core capsules that build the perfect collection of covetable, wear-forever wardrobes for every occasion.


Rachel Stevens appears on “Loose Women”

Following the announcement that Rachel will appear on the upcoming season of Dancing On Ice Rachel appeared on “Loose Women” as a panelist along side former S Club Juniors (and The Saturdays) member Frankie Bridge.

In the clips posted by the Loose Women YouTube account Rachel discusses how open you should be with your children and if you should choose your own happiness over your children, she brifeflu discusses her parents divorce at age 13! She continued to discuss how her proposal from Alex went.

Check out the clips below!!


Rachel Stevens to appear on “Dancing On Ice”

Rachel Stevens is set to return to our television screens in the new year and we’re excited for it!

Rachel Stevens has been cast along side Ben Foden, Bez, Brendan Cole, Liberty Poole, Regan Gascoigne, Sally Dynevor, and Stef Reid to appear in the upcoming 14th season of ITV’s “Dancing on Ice”.

Rachel, whom is no stranger to dancing given her time in the phenomenon that is S Club 7, but she also dabbled in a little dancing during her solo career, Strictly Come Dancing (2008), and most recently Rip It Up: The 70s.

More information will be posted as it becomes available!

Rachel Stevens Talks Pensions and Properties with “The Times”

Rachel Stevens has spoken with “The Times” regarding her finances, to include investment properties, the very first car she ever purchased, and how exactly she was discovered for her time in ‘S Club’.

Check out the full interview below!

Rachel Stevens was one seventh of the irrepressibly cheery pop group S Club 7, who racked up four UK No 1 singles and two Brit awards. Stevens, who grew up in Southgate, north London, went solo after the band split in 2003 and Sweet Dreams My LA Ex made it to No 2. She lost out in the final of Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 to the Holby City actor Tom Chambers and has appeared as a judge on The Voice in Ireland. Now 43, she writes a fashion and style blog and lives in north London with her husband and childhood sweetheart, Alex Bourne, an actor who is in property, and their daughters Amelie, ten, and Minnie, seven.

How much is in your wallet?
I never usually carry cash, but I’ve got about £25 in my purse at the moment because there’s so much going on with my children, like the end-of-school fair. That’s a lot of money for me — I feel rich!

Which credit cards do you use?
I like to know what’s coming out, so I use debit cards. I’ve got a joint card for home and family stuff, and my own card. I’m with Santander and I’ve got the 123 current account where you get money back when you pay certain bills. There’s a Santander on my high street, and pre-Covid it was easy to pop in and do what I needed to do. I’m getting better with the online banking thing, but I’m not very techy and I’m quite old-fashioned: I like to speak to someone and do things in person, especially with money. I sound like a granny!

Are you a saver or a spender?
I’m not a saver. I’ve always had a strong work ethic, but I didn’t grow up knowing how to budget. I went from having no money to making money, really fast. I don’t even know how much I made. The money came in sporadically, so it wasn’t like a nine-to-five job where you’re getting paid each month. I believe that money knowledge needs to be instilled from a young age. That’s why I’m trying to teach my girls, in a gentle way. When I give them pocket money, I explain: “You’ve got this amount. This is how much you can spend in the shop.” I’m looking at a bank account for kids called Gohenry. I think it’s a brilliant idea and they can start from age six.

Do you own a property?
I’ve bought and sold four properties and made money on all of them. I was 22 when I bought my first property — looking back that seems crazy. It was a flat in Hampstead, in a new complex with a gym, pool and a 24-hour porter, so there was someone to take my deliveries when I was away. It suited my lifestyle at the time, and because I was young and on my own, it was important that I had somewhere I felt safe. I bought it for about £500,000 not long after our first single, Bring it All Back. Four years later I sold it for a profit of about £100,000.

Are you better off than your parents?
Yes. My mum’s a hairdresser and my dad was in sales. My dad was a hard worker, but he went from making money to losing money, to making money, to losing money. He was always, like: “There’s a deal coming!” My parents weren’t rich, but we had everything we wanted. I felt rich because I was always family-orientated and we had the most wonderful time. We lived in Southgate, and for a family treat we’d go to this rib shack in the West End called Biguns Ribs, where we’d get bibs and do colouring in. It was so fun and the ribs were delicious. It was one of my favourite nights out when I was little because I was fascinated by the West End. It felt so grand and I was obsessed with the old buildings.

Have you ever been really hard-up?
My parents separated when I was 16 or 17 and we lost our family home. I was living in Cockfosters with my mum and my brothers, with no money coming in. My memories are blurry because emotionally it was a hard time, but I remember counting pennies to put £2 of petrol in the car so I could drive to the Tube station. I was at London College of Fashion doing a GNVQ in the business of fashion, but I don’t think it made me business savvy. When I’ve spoken to people I did the course with, we’ve been, like: “What did we actually learn?”

I hung out with my friends and tried to ignore what was going on with the family stuff. I wasn’t good with money, so I scrimped and bought clothes because that was all I wanted. There was a shop in Bond Street station where me and my friend would buy a top as soon as we got a bit of money, and once a week we’d get a chicken chow mein. My brother worked at Sony, the record label, in the café there. I used to go in for a free lunch and that’s where I had my sliding doors moment because when I was about 18 I was approached by some producers who asked if I could sing. That’s how I ended up in S Club 7.

Do you invest in shares?
I’ve had a pension since my mid-twenties. S Club 7 was a crazy time in my life. We were always in a different country and it was so fast-paced, my feet didn’t touch the ground. We weren’t given any financial advice and I definitely didn’t have any knowledge about pensions, but I got advice for myself quite early on. I was probably 20. I went with a financial adviser who’d been recommended by a family friend and I just went with what they said.

What has been your best investment?
My home. I’m such an advocate for property because it’s always there.

What has been your worst investment?
All my weights. I’ve spent a few hundred on gym stuff and it just sits there looking pretty. I did try for a while, I’d love to be that person, but I’m just not into weights. I’m more for getting out for a walk, or doing yoga. I’ve actually just got into Peloton — it’s great fun, so I’m getting into a good routine with that.

What’s your money weakness?
Clothes. I love clothes so much. Tops, dresses, shoes, bags — I just love fashion. There’s lots of shops I can’t walk past without going in, but I’m a real high street girl. I love Zara, H&M and & Other Stories. I’m specific now with what I buy because as you get older you know your own style, so I’d rather invest in forever pieces, then add the more trend-led stuff. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds. I think the high street is amazing — you can get a great cashmere jumper from H&M. I love online shopping too, but oh my God it’s dangerous. I’ll find myself on Net-a-Porter; it’s just so easy, isn’t it? I definitely shopped more over lockdown. My wedding dress was my most expensive item of clothing: it was made by an Israeli designer called Mira Zwillinger and I added to the design.

What was your most extravagant purchase?
I’ve got two brothers who are really into American cars, so I love cars, and when I got my first pay cheque I bought a Mercedes SLK-Class. I was 21 and it was so exciting because it was my first proper purchase. It was about £27,000 and it felt extravagant, but it was something I’d wanted from the time I started driving.

What’s better for retirement, property or pension?
I guess ideally both, but I’m not grown-up enough to know that answer

What’s your financial priority?
My kids. I’m thinking of their future. But it’s all about balance because money is wonderful and you’ve got to enjoy it. There’s no point in sitting on it and not spending anything, but it’s important to think ahead. Finding that balance has been a real learning curve for me and I’m still striving to achieve that.