S Club singer Rachel Stevens has hinted at even more “exciting new things” following the release of their first single in 20 years and the upcoming Good Times tour.

The beloved bubblegum pop band – including Rachel, Jon Lee, Tina Barrett, Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh – will hit the road in October for a new 15-date tour. Good Times will mark their first run of gigs all together since 2015.

S Club released their first new single in two decades, titled These Are The Days, in memory of late band member Paul Cattermole, who
passed away in April aged 46.

The S Club Party hit-makers had some chart success with These Are The Days, but will there be more new music to perform on their long-awaited tour?

It seems like it could be so according to Rachel, who exclusively told virginradio.co.uk that the band are “buzzing with ideas,” and confirmed they are all “back in the studio” too.

“We’ve been working with some of our old team,” the Funky Dory singer added. “We look back at who we got to work with, like the writers, producers, and it’s so great to be back recording with [songwriter] Simon Ellis, who we worked with on all our tours, but he did Don’t Stop Movin’. We just have such an incredible team around us. There’s lots of talk of exciting new things.”

While preparations for the latest S Club tour begin on Monday (4th September), Rachel admitted that while the set list will obviously be filled with all the massive hits, including Never Had A Dream Come True and Reach, it’s their latest track the Some Girls singer is the most excited to perform.

She continued: “These Are The Days will be really special now to perform live because we haven’t done that live before and then Good Times will be special too now because that’s going to become a whole different tribute and different thing now. So much creativeness is coming out of something so tragic, but we can share so many beautiful things through it.”

After Cattermole’s tragic passing earlier this year, Rachel explained how the band’s collective grief ended up bringing them closer together, and Paul is still very much in the forefront of their minds when it comes to putting the gigs together.

Rachel explained how the show preparations are “therapeutic”, adding: “After [Paul] passed away, we all came together. We were just sharing your memories, we just really took the time to be together when we needed to, to chat when we needed to and to share our memories.

“[The tour] was always going to be a celebration without doubt, but a tribute now to Paul. We’ve renamed it The Good Times tour, which was his song which he was going to do an acoustic version of, and everything just feels really right.

“He’s been with us the whole way through it and every decision we make, we talk about Paul and Paul’s involvement. It’s really special to be able to keep his memory alive through our music. We’ve got so much footage which is just incredible. The TV shows I mean, it’s really special for the fans and all the memories and yeah, big celebration.”

These Are The Days by S Club is out now. For more details about the Good Times tour, visit sclub7.co.uk.